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The Process of Getting Back Unpaid Bills & How Experienced Commercial Debt Collection Attorney Alan M. Cohen Can Help

If you’re a business that’s struggling with your accounts receivables, what you need is an aggressive debt collection attorney. Unlike others who dabble in debt collection, a professional debt collection attorney is not restricted by the law when it comes to collecting your accounts receivables. Unlike a collection agency, hiring a professional commercial debt collection attorney who focuses on commercial debt collection allows you to take immediate and aggressive debt collection action to get back your unpaid receivables.

If you have outstanding receivables that have to be collected and have hired a professional commercial debt collection attorney Alan M. Cohen, the process will begin, not by first drafting a demand letter, not by making phone calls, but by drafting a complaint so that we can immediately get into court to try to collect your debt.  Unlike letter writers, Attorney Alan M. Cohen believes in working to get you paid fast!! In Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s practice, unless requested by his clients, Cohen’s aggressive debt collection practice avoids demand letters. He believes that demand letters more often than not allow the debtor more time to avoid paying you.

In preparing for immediate suit, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC initially seeks to discover the debtor’s assets so that they can seek and often obtain pre-judgment security. The purpose of pre-judgment security is to help make sure that when you win, there is a bucket from which you can get paid. After all, isn’t that the purpose of hiring an experienced commercial debt collection attorney?

One of the main differences can be seen between an aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical commercial debt collection attorney such as Alan M. Cohen and a debt collection agency or some other third-party service is that only a professional attorney can actually take actions to collect your monies. Collection agencies can make calls and write letters, but they cannot file suit for you, they cannot attach the debtor’s assets with court approval and often they cannot get you paid.

Since each debt collection case is unique there is no concrete timeframe that can be given, but, having a seasoned debt collection attorney such as Alan M. Cohen by your side throughout the process will make it a lot easier for companies to get past-due payments. 

To find out more on how the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can help you to collect your bad debt, please feel free to visit us at, email us at  or call us at 508 620-6900

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