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Top Ten Reasons Why Businesses Need the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC on their team for Bad Debt Collection

Choosing a law firm or collection attorney is not an easy task. A credible litigation and collection attorney will start by seeking pre-judgment security for you and will only stop after the process of bad debt collection is complete. You need to hire the experienced commercial litigators at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC if you are serious about getting paid. As highlighted below, they have a proven record of aggressive and relentless bad debt recovery for their business clients. They know how to use the legal tools and ways to help ensure that debtors either pay you or no one else can get them to pay you.

Philosophy of Ethical Debt Collection

Bad debt collection requires a strategized plan to collect the delinquent debt.  The plan should consider, among other things, the strengths and weaknesses of the creditor’s case, how to best exploit the debtor’s weaknesses, an evaluation of what assets the debtor possesses or will possess and how to reach those assets so that they can be used to pay your bad debt. Your knowledge about how your debtor does business can yield greater speed and success in collecting your unpaid receivables. The strategic plan needs to address how to ethically, aggressively and relentlessly collect from the debtor. The experienced collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC create and execute upon individualized plans for each collection in order to attempt to maximize collection. Unlike attorneys who solely work on an hourly basis, our top-rated collections lawyers can and do work on a contingency basis, hourly basis or hybrid basis. We don’t just go through the motions; we don’t work to grind the clock to increase billable hours. No, the sole purpose of our efforts is to get you paid. This is Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s philosophy which we have followed in all of our cases over the last three decades.

Our philosophy is relentless, aggressive and ethical bad debt collection to get you paid as fast as possible. We use all appropriate legal remedies which may include but are not limited to bank attachments, real estate attachments, bulk property attachments, special attachments (yes there really is such a thing), reach and apply injunctions, equitable injunctions, Rule 65 injunctions and keeper attachments. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC take pride is assisting their clients to get paid by all possible legal and ethical means and have a well-managed fee structure that includes hourly, contingent, and hybrid options.

Impeccable Work Ethic

Attorney Alan M. Cohen has been using aggressive, ethical and effective strategies to serve the business community of Massachusetts and the United States to the best of his ability for over three decades now. His work ethic and relentless drive to get his clients to the top of the payment line is how the award-winning collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen operate. That work ethic serves as a benchmark to ensure that our clients receive as speedy recovery of bad debts as is possible. When you become a client of the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, the office starts preparing for a collection litigation process that can put you on the road to debt recovery. They start gathering relevant information concerning your debtor’s assets and craft the complaint package in order to try to secure as many as needed to secure your debt prejudgment. From the get-go, their focus is not only how to best win your case but also how to get you paid.

Above all, Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s sound understanding of the industry provides guidance and support to fellow attorneys both at the firm and outside. He has been a speaker at a National Association of Credit Manager’s Northeast Annual Meeting and also serves as a long-standing member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. This provides an excellent opportunity for clients to work with an individual who is both highly respected across the professional community and has decades of debt collecting experience that can make a difference. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC does not dabble in bad debt collection. It is what they do.

Effective Foreign Judgment Enforcement

There is a common misconception among creditors that if a civil judgment is received from outside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it may be hard to enforce, and so they do not pursue them. However, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC has successfully pursued foreign judgment enforcement for decades. Hiring us may increase your chances of intra-state, or even cross border debt collection. The collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC when first contacted will immediately prepare a complaint to both domesticate your foreign judgment but also to get you paid. When they file suit, where appropriate they will seek the court’s authority to freeze the bank accounts and other assets of your debtor to help ensure that when you win and your foreign judgment is now domesticated into an enforceable Massachusetts judgment, there is a pot of money from which to get you paid. After suit has been filed and if an answer is received, they will proceed with discovery and seek to conclude the matter where possible with summary judgment motions or trial if necessary if the debtor is unwilling to negotiate. This has been a tested and proven strategy that can bring success to creditors.

Timely Use of the Mechanic’s Lien

There are rights in Massachusetts Legislature General Laws, chapter 254 for contractors, sub-contractors, lower-tier contractors, labor, and suppliers, to name but a few. In the construction and real estate industry, it is a common practice to defer payments and all too often refuse to pay the amount owed to businesses and individuals who make the property owner’s dream come true. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC provides its clients with support and understanding of their rights under the Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien statute. This provides suppliers, contractors, and sub-contractors with the ability to put a lien on real estate assets of homeowners and property owners if they are not paid. The mechanic’s lien statute is both complicated and unforgiving. A day late can make the difference between having a lien and possibly getting paid or not getting paid at all. This process will need strict compliance, use of formal documentation and carefully drafted litigation that only experienced collection attorneys who are experienced in construction collection can perform. At the Law Offices of Alan m. Cohen LLC, these cases are managed by highly experienced attorneys who assist construction professionals whether they be suppliers of building materials, general contractors, subcontractors and/or sub-subcontractors.

Navigating the Garageman’s Lien

Like the Mechanic’s Lien, the garageman’s lien needs to have experienced legal assistance from your collection attorney due to the complex bad debt recovery processes. Individuals who are part of the motor vehicle repair, storage, or management business can seek this lien to help collect their debts. The garageman’s lien provides creditors with the ability to retain and sell motor vehicles of debts if payments are due. The experienced collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will help you navigate through the process, which requires filing a suit and getting an appropriate judgment. The lien cannot be broken if the debtor uses forged documents. Many professional car storages and repair businesses need the services of the top-rated collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to perfect and enforce garageman’s liens in Massachusetts.

Commercial Debt Collection Services

In recent years due to recession and slowdown in the economy, every business has seen some form of bad debts occurring leading to potential bankruptcies and liquidation. The collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC are well aware of how to collect a bad debt when a slow paying debtor becomes a deadbeat. These debtors are sometimes not only at times hard to track but may also engage in practices of not returning calls and letters sent to them for debt collection. We start each case seeking to learn the current asset base of the debtor that will help us to assess what can be recovered. We then prepare the complaint package which will seek, where appropriate ex parte attachments to obtain prejudgment security to help ensure you will be paid when we succeed. Once the court approves those attachments, the deputy sheriff will serve the attachments on the appropriate entity and will notify the debtor of the attachments. This is a sophisticated and aggressive approach to recover commercial debts from debtors.

Aggressive Business Debt Collection 

There can be a variety of legal ways to collect business debts. For over 35 years, a variety of businesses has been served by Alan M. Cohen. These include banks, credit unions, attorneys, accountants, equipment rental businesses, electrical, plumbing and lumber providers, oil and gas companies, food suppliers, timber and window suppliers, nurseries, private lenders and general contractors and subcontractors. Every business big and small is unique and brings with the different set of issues and challenges. Hence, these are dealt with a variety of legal options too. Some of the most common ways to increase bad debt collection process include:

  • Using real estate attachments as part of the prejudgment process where the properties are attachments while the civil suit. 
  • Using Rule 65 injunctions. Reach and Apply injunctions may make third parties get involved and pay for the debts on behalf of the debtor directly. This cuts the debtors out of the loop while speeding up the up-payment negotiations process where applicable.

The experienced collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will pursue such debtors till the very end and work their hardest to try to make sure you get paid. Masters in Asset Discovery and Seizure

It is important for a collection attorney to know ways of information discovery and use them for the benefit of their client. Because debtors may use multiple ways to hide their assets such as titles in names of their relatives or friends, the art of spotting deceptions need to be spot on. Rule 69 depositions come in handy and are used by the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC aggressive pursuit of debt recovery is often assisted by their painstaking lifting up each rock to try to discover where your debtor is hiding its assets. It is a form of post-judgment discovery that allows creditors to examine debtor’s bank accounts and financial statements as well as their tax returns and credit card statements to attempt to learn the truth about their ability to repay debts. Both and live and document only depositions can be sued here to pursue accurate debtor information and testimony is recorded for future use.

Supplementary process can also be used post judgment to help obtain court ordered periodic payments from the judgment debtors. When debtors fail to make court ordered payments, they can face the wrath of judicial contempt. For this, sheriffs can be called and debtors can get arrested for contempt of court orders. When the debtor appears before the court in a supplementary process hearing, the creditor’s attorney can examine the debtor before a judge to attempt to discover assets.

Asset seizures have risen in recent years and can provide you with the payment of bad debts instantly. If the debtors are resisting to clear your dues, the sheriff can use the asset seizure option to seize and sell the real estate or other non-exempt assets. You may be able to receive the net proceeds as part of your bad debt payment. 

Sound Pre-Judgment and Post-Judgment litigation practices

Both pre-judgment and post-judgment litigation and collection process need careful understanding and assessment. No step can be taken without strategically thinking about its consequences and the extent to which the legal matter can be pursued. Our prudent, aggressive and relentless collections attorneys will not stop after a judgment has entered. They will pursue them until the final bad debts have been collected or cannot be collected. Post-judgment can include new litigation that involves new parties in whose assets the judgment defendant has an interest or who are obligated to make payments to the judgment debtor.

Support for Business Continuity

The Law Offices at Alan M. Cohen LLC believes that a growing number of bad debts can be a potential danger to your business continuity. Hence, all of our legal services revolve around the idea of making as speedy bad debt collection as possible.

The Law Offices of Attorney Alan M. Cohen LLC has represented countless businesses in lawful and aggressive commercial debt collection in Massachusetts for decades.

For more information about exactly how we can help in your attempts to recover bad debts, call (508) 620-6900 or send us an email to

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