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We Enforce Foreign Judgments; Our Relentless Massachusetts Collection Attorneys Know How to Collect Foreign Judgments as Well as Massachusetts Judgments

In all legal cases, securing a favorable judgment is one thing, enforcing that order is another. However, when it comes to debt collection in Massachusetts, this gap is felt quite considerably. Winning a debt recovery case without a proper plan to enforce and collect the payment is an empty victory. It happens countless times that the client and his lawyers celebrate winning the case only to realize a few days later that their win didn’t mean anything because the debtor refuses to pay.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC we ensure that as we pursue the lawsuit, we devise actionable plans to collect the judgment at the end of the battle. Whether it is a foreign judgment or a Massachusetts judgment, our relentless attorneys are in the fight until you receive your payment in full or no one can collect from your debtor.  Our Experienced Collections Attorneys know How to Enforce Foreign Judgment in Massachusetts

Enforcing foreign judgments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires the judgment creditor to file a new lawsuit. Since Massachusetts has not enforced the Uniform Enforcement of the Foreign Judgment Act, a judgment passed in a sister state is not automatically accepted in ‘full faith and credit’ here. Our attorneys have a combined experience of over four decades of experience in successfully domesticating foreign judgments in Massachusetts by filing lawsuits and obtaining favorable orders from the respective courts.

When your Out of State Debtor Has Assets in Massachusetts We Know How to Domesticate and Collect Your Debt

A judgment may require domestication because the debtor has assets in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which will play a role in collecting your debt. However, a debtor might try to hide these assets knowing that a decision has been given against them. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we know the tricks that debtors might use in this regard. Not only do we domesticate foreign judgment effectively but we also move swiftly to secure security our clients to help ensure that they get paid in full when the judgment is finally enforced in the state.

When You Have an Out of State Judgment against a Massachusetts Debtor, Our Relentless Massachusetts Collections Attorneys Know How to Collect Your Debt

Winning and domesticating a foreign judgment is not easy. Yet, it is the collection that is often the hardest part for those attorneys who merely dabble in collections. Our attorneys relentlessly pursue a plan to get you paid as soon as the lawsuit is filed with the local court. We begin with a pre-judgment discovery into the assets held by your debtor. With the appropriate resources and knowledge, we can use strictly legal means to acquire this information. Once we have a concept of all that the other party owns, we begin implementing tools like ex parte attachments and other injunctions to help secure your debt collection.

Alan M. Cohen and his team are some of the most aggressive debt collection attorneys in the state of Massachusetts. What makes us different is that we focus on getting you paid whatever it takes. In order to learn more, call us at 508-620 6900. You can also email us at

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