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We Fight to Enforce Massachusetts Judgments. We Battle to Collect Massachusetts Judgments.

Winning a judgment means that you have won the case in the court and that the judgment debtor is liable to pay the due debt payment amount back to you. But once the judgment is won and the case is closed in the court, then what?

Though you can send the judgment to the debtor to ask them for payments but based on our experience there are only rare chances when a debtor will amicably agree to pay the debt amount after receiving a judgment against them. In most situations, debtors treat judgments like a mere piece of paper which is often not read or discarded and thrown in the trash can. This is where the importance of judgment enforcement actually lies.

You need an experienced and skilled Massachusetts collections attorney to enforce judgment—someone who can pursue your case aggressively ensuring debt recovery from the most difficult and rigid debtors. And this is where our seasoned debt collection lawyer, Alan M. Cohen comes into the picture.

Our Approach to Collecting Massachusetts Is Honed from Over Four  Decades of Combined Experience Representing Judgment Creditors Like You.

With over four decades of combined legal experience and securing debt recovery for judgment creditors like you, we are skilled in enforcing judgments aggressively and collecting monies from debtors. Our seasoned attorneys use our combined over forty years of experience with available legal remedies  and profound knowledge about Massachusetts debt collection law to help judgment creditors collect monies efficiently and in a timely manner.

Our aggressive and proven effective debt recovery approaches, professionalism and code of conduct have earned us the highest rating from Martindale Hubbell from our competitors. Martindale Hubbell is  the leading peer review company and its rating serves as a true testament to the fact that our contemporaries acknowledge our professionalism—the way we work, enforce and collect Massachusetts judgments.

Unlike Other Attorneys Who May Know How to Just Win a Judgment; We Also Know How to Collect Judgments

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we know that winning a judgment is crucial, but knowing how to collect the judgment is even more important because what good is a judgment won when it can’t get your monies back?

Unlike less experienced debt recovery attorneys or those who just dabble in debt recovery, our attorney Alan M. Cohen has a comprehensive know how and proven strategies which enable him to collect as much of your outstanding debt as possible. Our understanding and familiarity with commonly known  legal tools and remedies as well as imaginative and cutting edge approaches afford our clients with the highest likelihood of collecting their delinquent debt. After all, isn’t that why you hire an experienced judgment enforcement attorney?

We don’t hit in the dark. We evaluate the case comprehensively to determine the best legal action for collections. We discuss and understand your goals and then design and implement effective aggressive collection tactics.

This  is what makes us stand out from the crowd and much more often than not, gets you paid.

Our Collections Lawyers Carefully Investigate Your Deadbeat’s Assets So That We Don’t Waste Time Going down the Wrong Road

To use the right and more effective legal path, first our attorneys investigate your debtor’s assets. From bank accounts to real estate, wages, and non-exempted sources of income like rent or alimony or excessive retirement deposits, we investigate carefully and do our legwork so that we don’t waste time going down the wrong road. This gives us a clear idea about the debtor’s financial worth and where we need to look to get you paid.

We Follow the Money Trail by Pealing Back The Onion. Our Thorough Investigation Can Reveal Assets That Others Have Missed.

Many debtors just don’t tell their actual net worth. We look behind the curtain.  Our attorneys use the power of post judgment discovery to follow the money trail of the debtor. From bank statements, tax returns, transactions, debtor’s customers and credit cards we follow their money trail until your money is paid back to you or no one can collect the bad debt.

We Never Give Up.

The Rules of Civil Procedure in the State of Massachusetts give the judgment creditor the right to obtain discovery from the debtor if it can help them in obtaining debt payments. Some of the most common debt discovery tools include interrogatories where we request information (by asking written questions) and seeking documents to directly and indirectly learn about the debtor’s assets. Some of our information is sought from non-parties. Some is directed right at the judgment debtor. We are relentless.

Once We Have Identified the Debtor’s Assets, Then We Elect to Either File Rule 69 Motions in the Underlying Judgment or Commence a New Suit to Collect Your Judgment.

Once we have identified the debtor’s assets we then seek to bring home the bacon. Sometimes we file post judgment motions in the existing action, sometimes we file a new action on the judgment, often for strategic reasons. Still other times we create innovative tactics to get you paid. 

We may also choose to use a supplementary process. The supplementary process is a method of debt collection that focuses on collecting debt payments of a prior judgment. The application of the supplementary process requires the debtor to appear in the court and the judge asks them question under oath. Based on these answers the judge determines the debtor’s ability to pay according to the assets they own. In case if the debtor fails to comply with the court orders regarding examination or payment obligation, they may be penalized or held in contempt.

Sometimes we use a combination of tactics at the same time.  Each approach is made with your interests in mind.

We Know How to Use all Pre-Judgment Collection Tools to Collect Post Judgment

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we believe that every case is different and unique. Therefore, there is no one size fits all solution for all cases. Our attorney knows how to use all available judgment collection tools. There is a reason other attorneys call us to collect their bad debt.

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