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Alan Cohen

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An internet advertising company’s out of state customer ran up a $54,000.00 bill and then refused to pay. The internet advertising company called us.

Relying on the advertising company’s forum selection clause, we brought by suit in Massachusetts and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order. After giving notice to the debtor, the Court allowed our motion for an equitable injunction. We notified the debtor of the allowed equitable injunction and were contacted by the debtor’s counsel.

Debtor’s counsel contended that the debtor had various alleged defenses available to it but offered $24,000.00 to avoid litigating the case. As a result of our tough negotiating techniques, the debtor agreed to pay over $38,000.00 which constituted more than 71% of the disputed debt.

Our client made the astute business decision that 71% of the amount of a disputed debt now was better than an unknown amount after potentially expensive and prolonged litigation. Our aggressive commercial bad debt collection techniques made the difference between drawn-out litigation and a successful efficient commercial debt collection.

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