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We Use Post Judgment Remedies to Pursue Your Debtor to Get You Paid

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, our aim is to get you paid. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that you recover all your debt, including from those debtors who are just not ready to pay. Our experienced Massachusetts debt collection lawyers go the extra mile to make debt recovery possible.

Once you have a judgment against the debtor, the battle is just then joined. Many debtors despite having a judgment against them continue to resort to stealthy tactics, such as selling off their properties, hiding their assets, and transferring money from their bank accounts to prevent you from getting paid.  But when you have our experienced collection lawyers on your side, you know that we will do everything legally and ethically possible to get you paid both pre-judgment and post judgment.

Post judgment remedies are the legal actions taken against a debtor when it fails to make payment. Such legal actions can take them to supplementary process court for inquiry and asset examination. Your debtor’s appearance at the supplementary process proceeding is not their option. Failure to appear will result in the issuance of a civil arrest warrant or capias.

Post Judgment Discovery

Our debt collection attorney may use Rule 69 post judgment discovery as well as motions to pursue your debtor to get you paid. Rule 69 of the Massachusetts Rule of Civil Procedure allows the creditor to execute post judgment discovery for debt collections. Under Rule 69, the judgment debtor is required to appear under oath for questioning. Unreasonable and unexcused failure to do so may result in a motion to compel, and if that is disobeyed a motion for civil contempt.  We don’t mess around. We know that you are serious in wanting to get paid; so are we. We also may seek documents from non-parties that may give us insight as to your debtor’s assets.

Our discovery can lead us to file post judgment attachment motions to seize or freeze non-exempt assets which may be available to get you paid. Sometimes our merely looking for assets leads the debtor to the cashier of redemption—Ka–Ching!!

If you have a judgment from which you want to get paid, call the experienced judgment collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC at  (508) 620-6900 or email us at Our attorneys will relentlessly fight to collect your judgment until we either collect the money, or no one else can.

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