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What is a Closely Held Corporation?

A closely held corporation exists when there are a small limited number of shareholders, no ready market for the stock, and substantial majority stockholders participating in the management, direction and operation of the corporation. Shareholders in such a closely held corporation owe each other a fiduciary duty to act with utmost good faith and loyalty towards another. They may not act out of avarice, expediency or self-interest in derogation of this duty to one another, or their duty to the corporation. Donahue v. Rodd Electrotype Co. & New England, Inc., 367 Mass. 578, 585-597 (1975); Vakil v. Anesthesiology Associates of Taunton, Inc., 51 Mass. App. Ct. 114, 118, 744 N. E. 2nd 651 (2001).

In instances involving a closely held corporation, equitable principles are often applied to ensure that the shareholders are dealt with fairly. Buchanan v. Warner, 21 Mass L. Rep. 698 (Nickerson, J., Superior Court 2006).

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