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What Makes an Effective Collections Law Firm?

There are lots of collections law firms out there, but when you need this kind of legal help, you need the best, most effective firm around. What should you look for in a collections law firm to ensure it, and its attorneys, will be of help to you?

Experience in the Field

Like any legal field, attorneys in collections law should have experience and education in this specific area. This is not the time to use a lawyer who generalizes in every area of law. You need a lawyer dedicated to collections, who knows the latest case law, and the tactics to ensure you get the money you are owed.

A Great Track Record

Beyond education and experience, your collections law firm should have a great track record. All of the education and experience in the world means nothing if attorneys are not obtaining judgments in favor of their clients. When you look back at your potential attorney’s history, is he or she doing a good job of finding success for clients? What do their testimonials say about the collections law firm? If the collection law firm has excellent references and has a history of collecting the tough debt and not just low hanging fruit, you have found an effective debt collection firm.

Many Methods of Attack

Collecting debts is not a one size fits all area. Depending on your debtor and what they owe, an attorney may need to use several different techniques and tactics to obtain judgment and/or lock down assets to get you the money you deserve. Your attorney should be ready and willing to innovate and not give up in getting you the money you are owed.

Help at Any Point

A good collections law firm is ready to jump in to protect its clients at any point. Whether you have yet to enter into a contract with a potential debtor and want to ensure you are protected, are seeking to collect funds, or have obtained a judgment but have not been paid in full, your attorney should be able to assist.

Having someone on your side at all points is the best way to ensure that you are in the best position to get every dollar you are owed, every time.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we offer all of these must-haves and more. We offer years of experience and education, a long list of happy clients, and a focus on effective and innovative techniques. We’re ready to provide you with assistance at any time.

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