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The “deadbeat shuffle” occurs when the customer says he will make regular payments but makes only occasional payments thereby leaving some creditors with the deer in the headlights stare, wondering if debt recovery is truly on the way.

On the one hand you want to keep the customer and collect as much money as possible without the cost of an attorney. However, dancing this dance to the deadbeat’s tune often delays your receipt of your money. It gives the customer sole discretion as to when and how much he will pay. Dance the dance and the customer may wear you down and then seek a discount of the principal and a waiver of the interest.

So when does a slow pay become a “deadbeat?” A receivable more than 60-90 days is indicative of the onset of “deadbeatitis.” If the customer refuses to enter into a written agreement admitting the amount due and/or agreeing to pay interest and/or reasonable attorney’s fees, you have lost control of your money and should take full aim at debt recovery. If the customer refuses or fails to make what you consider reasonable regular payments toward the outstanding principal and interest, you have lost control of your money.

So how do you attempt to regain control of your money?

Don’t dance the deadbeat shuffle. Send the deadbeat to an attorney who will aggressively attempt to make him dance to your favorite tune. Kaching, kaching!

Don’t Replace The Deadbeat Shuffle with An Attorney’s Shuffle – Our Clients Don’t

Other attorneys and collection agencies put your file in queue for a series of standard and often ineffective collection letters. We don’t.

Everyday, Massachusetts businesses lose money because customers fail and/or neglect to pay their bills contracting the dreaded disease we call “deadbeatitis”. When letters and phone calls requesting payment don’t work, it is time to take serious legal action.

Helping Massachusetts Businesses Fight for Their Money

Do not give up hope if you have been unable to recover payment from deadbeat customers. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we have over 35 years of experience fighting to help businesses such as yours collect delinquent and overdue accounts. We  pursue every legal avenue possible to force your customers to pay their debts. For aggressive,relentless, effective and ethical representation, contact our debt collection law firm to meet with a skilled business debt collection lawyer in Massachusetts.

We Know How to Collect Your Debts in Massachusetts

There are many legal steps you can take to collect old and new past due receivables for goods and services that you supplied and rendered. Collection agencies and even other lawyers simply send a threatening letter once a month or make a few phone calls. We take a more aggressive approach through:

  • Our first step is to investigate the debtor’s situation. What assets does he or she have? Real estate? Business interest? Litigation?
  • We prepare prejudgment motions seeking prejudgment security. Commercial Debt Collections Lawyer Alan M. Cohen personally reviews each pleading. Mr. Cohen or his associate will appear before the judge on your behalf. We will put our courtroom skills to work for you seeking ex parte attachments as well as attachments with notice so that you can obtain prejudgment security, which will allow you to get paid when you prevail.
  • When we draft your complaint, affidavit and ex parte motion, we work to persuade the court to grant you prejudgment security. We aggressively advocate for the right to seize and freeze your debtor’s bank accounts, real estate and other assets so that there may be a pot of gold when you reach the other side of the rainbow.
  • We have the sheriff serve the attachments and notify your debtor. After we obtain the allowed attachments, the sheriff serves the bank and records real estate attachments to give you security to obtain the payment to which you are entitled. When successful, the first time your debtor will find out about us is after we have attached his or her assets.

We will work on your behalf to persuade the debtor to pay through our aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical negotiation tactics. When necessary, we use non-binding mediation. If that fails, we will try your case before a judge or jury.

Contact Our Lawyer Covering Boston, Springfield and Worcester for Your Business Debt Recovery Needs.

Our business debt collection law firm is relentless with a skilled debt collection lawyer in Worcester, Massachusetts. We pursue collection of your debts until no-one could possibly collect the money. In short, we never give up. Whether it takes a week or eighteen years, we never give up. For more information about what I can do for you, please call (508) 620-6900, email us at

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC represents clients and sues debtors in Cambridge, Framingham, Lowell, Woburn, Middlesex County, Boston, Suffolk County, Fall River, Easton, Taunton, New Bedford, Bristol County, Springfield, Hampden County, Brookline, Dedham, Wellesley, Norfolk County, Brockton, Plymouth County, Worcester, Worcester County, Barnstable County and throughout Massachusetts.

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Debt Collection FAQs

  • Why should my company hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to collect unpaid accounts receivable in Massachusetts?

    Our philosophy is simple: We never give up. We pursue your debtor until either you get paid or no one else can get you paid. We treat your debt as our debt and tirelessly pursue debt recovery. We are the last name that your debtors want to hear.

  • How do you effectively collect debt in Boston, Worcester, Springfield and throughout Massachusetts?

    When we first get a file in from a client, we look to see what the debtor is about, who it does business with, and what is posted on social media. From there we determine which collection tactic would be most effective in swiftly collecting our client’s bad debt. Unlike others who write demand letters and make calls, we figure that you have already done that and want an aggressive and relentless debt collection action. That is exactly what we provide: No calls. No letters. Just Action through litigation.

  • What makes a good Massachusetts bad debt collections attorney?

    A good Massachusetts collection attorney not only knows how to collect bad debt in Massachusetts but is driven to do what it takes no matter how long it takes to collect the delinquent debt. A good Massachusetts collection lawyer not only listens to his client, but he also keeps his/her client informed of everything that is happening in the case. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, aggressive, relentless, innovative and successful bad debt collection is wired into our DNA. We send a copy of every communication that we send and receive on your case to you. For over three and a half decades we have been protecting creditor’s rights.

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