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Foreign Judgment Collection

The United States Constitution requires States to honor the judgments of other States as decided by their courts. This is not, however, an automatic process in Massachusetts. Foreign judgment creditors must go through a process to domesticate their judgments to enforce them in Massachusetts.

Collecting Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we represent businesses and creditors throughout the United States and the world in commercial collection matters. Our law firm is committed and skilled in domesticating and enforcing the judgments of your State and Country. Contact our law office today at (508) 620-6900 or email us at to learn more about how we can not only domesticate your foreign judgment but how we can collect your foreign judgment as well.

Aggressive Approach to Help Out-of-State Clients Secure Their Debts

If you are a creditor from out-of-state with a debtor in Massachusetts, our law firm can help you collect your debt by obtaining a Massachusetts judgment. Foreign judgment enforcement and debt collection are what we do. We are relentless, aggressive and effective foreign judgment Massachusetts collection lawyers with over thirty-five years of experience getting our clients paid.

For more than three and a half decades, our founder Debt Collection Attorney Alan M. Cohen has helped businesses recover their debts by offering an aggressive approach. He has the skills and tenacity to chase down anyone liable on commercial debts in Massachusetts. Attorney Cohen saves his out-of-state business clients time and money often without the need for them to travel to Massachusetts to collect their money.

Our founder Attorney Alan M. Cohen acts quickly investigating the debtor’s situation to determine what assets he or she has in Massachusetts, including any personal guarantees on the debt. We then begin to prepare pre-judgment documentation to seek and obtain ex-parte attachments to seize the debtor’s bank accounts, real estate and other assets. After we have obtained the allowed attachments, the sheriff will be able to serve the bank and record real estate attachments to attempt to give you security to obtain the payments you are entitled to receive.

We are committed to helping our business clients reach the front of the payment line and get paid the debts they are owed. We will not stop until we have collected the money due to you; and if we can’t, no one else can. Our aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical tactics have helped us secure many favorable outcomes for our business clients. For experienced foreign judgment domestication collection attorneys call us at (508) 620-6900 or email us at

Removing Barriers to Help You Get Paid in Massachusetts

For another State’s judgment to be enforceable in a commercial collection matter in Massachusetts, the judgment must first be domesticated in Massachusetts before creditors can take action. This requires filing a suit on your judgment to obtain a Massachusetts judgment.

Our founder, Boston Debt Collection Attorney Alan M. Cohen, has over 35 years of experience domesticating foreign judgments and collecting bad debts. Attorney Cohen knows the right steps to take in helping you pursue collection of your out-of-state judgment. Our law firm can assist you with various collections options, including:

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we have dedicated our entire practice to handling business collection matters. We relentlessly and aggressively pursue monies owed to companies throughout Massachusetts. Our aggressive, tenacious but ethical approach has helped us secure favorable outcomes for our clients across the country. Click here to read our blog posts on how we enforce foreign judgments in Massachusetts or call (508)620-6900 or email to learn more about how we can collect your foreign judgment.

Collection Attorney Handling Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts

Collection Attorneys Collecting Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts
We are committed to helping you get paid. Contact our law firm online at or call (508) 620-6900 to learn how a highly skilled Boston trained enforcement of foreign judgment lawyer can help you to domesticate your foreign judgment in Massachusetts.

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Debt Collection FAQs

  • Why should my company hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to collect unpaid accounts receivable in Massachusetts?

    Our philosophy is simple: We never give up. We pursue your debtor until either you get paid or no one else can get you paid. We treat your debt as our debt and tirelessly pursue debt recovery. We are the last name that your debtors want to hear.

  • How do you effectively collect debt in Boston, Worcester, Springfield and throughout Massachusetts?

    When we first get a file in from a client, we look to see what the debtor is about, who it does business with, and what is posted on social media. From there we determine which collection tactic would be most effective in swiftly collecting our client’s bad debt. Unlike others who write demand letters and make calls, we figure that you have already done that and want an aggressive and relentless debt collection action. That is exactly what we provide: No calls. No letters. Just Action through litigation.

  • What makes a good Massachusetts bad debt collections attorney?

    A good Massachusetts collection attorney not only knows how to collect bad debt in Massachusetts but is driven to do what it takes no matter how long it takes to collect the delinquent debt. A good Massachusetts collection lawyer not only listens to his client, but he also keeps his/her client informed of everything that is happening in the case. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, aggressive, relentless, innovative and successful bad debt collection is wired into our DNA. We send a copy of every communication that we send and receive on your case to you. For over three and a half decades we have been protecting creditor’s rights.

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