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Why You Cannot Quit On Bad Debt Recovery In Massachusetts

The world economy has long since accepted doing business of credit. The practice has numerous benefits for small and large businesses alike. It increases customer loyalty, as your trust helps them feel good about doing business with you. It helps you stay abreast your competition who might already be offering their products/services on credit. Also, it may lead to increased sales and steady growth.

However, doing business on credit comes with the problem of dealing with customers who may not be willing to pay the money they owe you. For big businesses, ignoring this problem to a certain limit may not be a problem, but no small business can afford to bad debts, although the process of debt recovery may sound too expensive and daunting for a lot of them to consider quitting on their bad debts.

You can Do More than You Think about Bad Debts

Small businesses’ survival depends on high rate of debt recovery. They may not make enough profit to ignore any significant bad debts but the fear of losing a customer keeps them on letting the debtor buy more and more on credit, which only keeps building the debt. What you can do is take your efforts for higher debt recovery to a more strategic level in your business. Make it part of your communication with your customers.

A critical step you can make in this direction is by not making assumptions about how much your customers know regarding paying back commercial debts. You probably already understand there could be many reasons why a customer fails to pay back on time. For instance, they might simply not have the money to pay you back. Similarly, they might not know how important the debt is to your business and may put your payment on low priority. Keeping your customers educated on these matters can help you improve the success rate of your debt recovery efforts.

For more information about how to communicate with customers for debt repayment read here

What If They Still Refuse to Clear the Debt?

In many cases, you might come across a customer – or any person you do business with – who refuses to pay the money they owe you. As a small business, you simply cannot ignore this problem if the sum involved is important for your business.

A lot of business owners discuss this matter with friends and are sometimes advised to let a debt recovery business take over the problem.

The ultimate solution to this problem is hiring the award winning experienced commercial collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan m. Cohen LLC whose attorneys have  over forty five years of collective experience  in helping commercial debt collection. We understand the nuances of Massachusetts’ laws regarding debt collection.

You might think legal action against your debtors might lead to losing their business, but we attempt not to burn those bridges for you if possible.

However, by not taking legal action against your debtors, you are sending everybody the signal that they can come and do the same thing to you again.

To get experienced legal assistance with your bad debt lawsuit in Massachusetts, contact the Boston trained attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC and get back on track for commercial debt recovery. For action, call  (508) 620 6900 or  email

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