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Photo of Glenn G. Wegrzyn, Esq and Alan M. Cohen, Esq
Photo of Glenn G. Wegrzyn, Esq and Alan M. Cohen, Esq

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Our respected collections attorneys with nearly 50 years of experience collecting bad debts are more likely to get the job done right and in a timely fashion than a collection agency or some attorneys who dabble in collections. If you are seeking experienced and aggressive debt collection attorneys to help you collect your commercial debts, our team will fight for you to get what you are owed.

You sent letters and made phone calls while chasing down payment. It’s time to bring in our experienced commercial collections attorneys. When you hire us, we do not waste efforts on more calls and letters when we know that did not work. We take matters right to court. We don’t back down.

Massachusetts Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys  |  Nearly 50 Years Experience

Practice Areas

How We Do Commercial Debt Collection

How We Do Commercial Debt Collection

Learn more about what we do and how we do it.
Out-Of-State Debt Collection

Out-Of-State Debt Collection

Take advantage of our extensive experience in our foreign judgment collection.

Turn Your Judgment Into Money

Turn Your Judgment Into Money

Contact us now so we can begin post-judgment collections on your behalf.

Ensure Your Debtor Doesn’t Dissipate Assets

Ensure Your Debtor Doesn’t Dissipate Assets

Need action? We immediately file suit seeking prejudgment security to get you paid.

Massachusetts' Mechanic’s Lien Attorneys

Massachusetts' Mechanic’s Lien Attorneys

Construction professionals come to us to prepare and enforce mechanic’s liens.

Our Philosophy: Get You Paid!!

Our priority is simple: GET YOU PAID. Our commercial debt collection law firm works relentlessly to collect the money you are owed. Unlike other debt collections companies, we don’t just do commercial debt collections when things are slow or as a side gig; it is the core of what our experienced team of debt collections lawyers does, and something that we are very skilled in after decades of experience. We are the attorneys that other attorneys call upon to collect their delinquent fees or help their clients get paid. Our clientele includes international companies, national companies, regional companies and those whose business are located only in Massachusetts. Our clients know that we go to the mat for them every day until we get them paid or no one can get them paid.

Our collection law firm has the highest peer review rating attainable from Martindale-Hubbell, the leading peer review rating entity for lawyers. Our no-nonsense methods have garnered the respect of others in the industry and is a high endorsement for those looking for Massachusetts collection attorneys for their delinquent accounts receivables.

Photo of Professionals at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC

Testimonials From Our Clients

“Glenn Wegrzyn and Alan Cohen from the Law Office of Alan M. Cohen & Associates, LLC were able to recoup funds from a subcontractor we paid a deposit to before he went silent. We are extremely happy with their services and would highly recommend this firm to others.”

Brian Jaspon

“I highly recomend Alan Cohen for debt collections. After several years of no success on my own through other means, Alan Cohen and Associates were able to get me back every dollar of the original debt, interest, and fees. Absolutely give them a chance.”

Riven Hart

“I work for a West Virginia bank. We needed to domesticate a judgment lien obtained in WV for a guarantor on a business loan that resided in Massachusetts. We had no counsel in Massachusetts. Luckily, our WV counsel referred us to Alan Cohen. I expected it to be a long process, and frankly didn’t expect the success we had. Alan was quick to file, quick to negotiate with borrower counsel, quick to obtain information. He told us to reject a settlement offer which we would have accepted, and we got more recovery. The end result of obtaining Alan Cohen as counsel was a $600,000 settlement/recovery amount over the initial amount we would have accepted initially. Alan is great to work with. Very responsive. I would call him a bulldog. He gets it done. Just wish I had an attorney like him that I could use full time in West Virginia. Thanks Alan. Definitely recommended.”

Rob Hunt
Peoples Bank

“Attorney Cohen,

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely express my gratitude for your unrelenting and multi-prong approach collecting a judgement far in excess of the amount anticipated.

While at first I was hesitant at your methodology of attacking even the meagerest of assets, I see now that such an approach was absolutely necessary to actualize amounts far in excess of what was even dreamed of.

Your efforts have secured a dignified existence for my disabled ex-wife, and achieved a step up in life for my son, as opposed to the penniless existence they were facing.

You sir were the best choice we could have possibly made in securing our judgement. Thank you does not begin to express our gratefulness to you and your staff.

God bless, good health and happiness to you.”

Richard W. Gurney

“After spending several years obtaining a judgement we were doubtful that we’d be able to collect. The debtor made use of every form of trickery to avoid us and essentially judgement-proof himself using multiple accounts and nominee trusts. Attorney Cohen and his team successfully retrieved monies owed in a timely fashion and I cannot recommend him enough.”

Austin G

I did not hire Attorney Cohen, but he spent close to a half hour on the phone with me discussing my case and potential advantages and disadvantages to several options. Very grateful for the time he generously gave me and for answering any questions I had.”

Keith Constant

My firm used the services of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC for a debt collection that was seriously overdue. We had tried unsuccessfully to deal with the client on multiple occasions with no resolution. Once Alan’s firm took over, the issue was resolved promptly with very little work on our part. Alan was prompt and professional and we were happy with the results. I highly recommend his firm.”

Jeff Richards

“Our company has used the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen for over a decade for handling our bad debt collections. Alan has always been successful in getting settlements back in our favor. Alan is an extremely professional attorney who has the relentless and aggressive traits needed in getting the results that we need. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen to anyone who needs debt collections services!”

Chris Barry – Hallamore Corporation

“Alan assisted our company with a debt collection case. We were very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. Alan was very thorough in his review of our files and situation. Shortly after filing a lawsuit for us, Alan was able to secure full payment from the debtors without proceeding with litigation. Very happy with the results and services from the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen.”

Mike Pham

“I own a tech marketing company that has clients nationwide. Unfortunately, I have more than my fair share of clients not paying invoices. I’ve tried using collection agencies and hired lawyers in many states, but most do not collect on the bad debt. They are slow to respond and usually don’t remember the details of my case. Alan M. Cohen stands out as a very smart, aggressive debt collection lawyer who got results very fast on a 9-month-old bad debt case. The debtor was trying to be very clever in hiding money, and Alan was able to pick up on the debtor’s tactics and shut them all down. I got my check that represented justice served and a moral victory. I’m extremely happy with the work Alan Cohen provided to collect the bad debt.”

Scott Thompson
Astoria Company

“In my 40 years in business, I have never met a more professional, talented, relentless attorney as Mr. Cohen. I hired Alan to try and collect on a not very large debt that I thought I would have a lot of trouble getting a law firm to focus on. Boy was I wrong. I never had to call or nudge or badger or follow up. The aggressiveness and drive to go to such lengths to procure a settlement for his client comes entirely from some place inside Mr. Cohen. He is a very fine attorney, who has great people working for him and I was lucky to find him and them. Against very great odds I got my settlement. I highly and unreservedly recommend Alan M. Cohen. You will not be disappointed.”

Robin P. Sweeny
Symmetry Partners

“Alan M. Cohen’s Law office is a great asset to our company and our attempts to collect the bad debts we may incur. We have been using his firm for almost 10 years. His staff are always professional, friendly and quick to respond to our needs. Alan is always available to answer any questions simple or complicated regarding legal issues we may have. When we assign a case to Alan, we know whether it’s a small or large collection he will handle each and everyone with his utmost professional attention. We highly recommend Alan. He is one of the best attorneys Marjam uses and we do business in many states and have dealing with many attorneys.”

Seeta Lochan
Marjam Supply Co.

Photo of Professionals at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC

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Commercial Debt Collection FAQs

Why should my company hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC to collect unpaid accounts receivable in Massachusetts?

How do you effectively collect debt in Boston, Worcester, Springfield and throughout Massachusetts?

What makes a good Massachusetts bad debt collections attorney?

Is a mechanic’s lien really important in the construction industry?

How can we domesticate your foreign judgment in Massachusetts?

We Fight To Get Our Clients Paid

Recovered $1,000,000 For A Bank

We doggedly pursued and won payment for a bank that had a deficiency balance from a foreclosure.

Recovered $400,000 For Suppliers

Because of our aggressive and persistent efforts, our client received $400,000.00 within 30 days of the settlement agreement.

Recovered $300,000 For A Client

Through ex parte bank attachments, real estate attachments and persuasive negotiating skills, we recovered bad debt for a supplier.