We continue to offer contingent fee, hourly, flat fee and hybrid options, depending on the type of debt collection.  We hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy and extend our best wishes for the speediest of recoveries to anyone affected by the COVID-19 virus.

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Massachusetts Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys

Our Collections Attorneys Collect Bad Debts Throughout Massachusetts.

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Put the Experienced Massachusetts Collections Attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC on Your Team!

While some creditors may turn to a collection agency, a respected collections attorney with experience collecting bad debts is more likely to get the job done right and in a timely fashion. If you are seeking experienced and aggressive debt collectors to help you collect your commercial debts, our team of Massachusetts collections attorneys will fight for you throughout the entire process.

Our relentless Massachusetts Collection Attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC with more than 45 years of experience do not stop until they have collected your bad debt or no one else can. At our collections firm, our collections attorneys use their extensive no-nonsense experience to aggressively, relentlessly, effectively and, yes, ethically get their clients’ paid — whether in Boston or throughout Massachusetts. Call (508) 620-6900 or email to speak with our Massachusetts Collection Attorneys to learn how they will fight to collect your bad debt.

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We are a debt collection law firm that protects creditors’ rights. With over 45 years of aggressive, relentless and effective debt collections, we use innovative and cutting-edge tactics and other bad debt collection efforts to litigate construction disputes for various businesses. Our experienced Massachusetts collections attorneys collect bad debt, enforce judgments and domesticate foreign judgments on behalf of companies in Massachusetts and across the country that are owed monies from debtors. They use tried and continuously perfected debt collection tactics to try to get you paid. Unlike others who dabble in debt collection, debt recovery is what our collections lawyers do!

In addition to non-construction debt collection, our Massachusetts Collection Attorneys also prepare and litigate mechanic’s liens. Debt collection Attorney Alan M. Cohen’s successful track record has helped him earn the Martindale-Hubbell’s AV rating, the gold standard in attorney ratings. Get in touch with our Massachusetts collections attorneys today if you are serious about your bad debt collection and getting paid. The aggressive debt collectors at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC don’t just pursue the low-hanging fruit — we go for the entire money tree. Our Mass. collections attorneys can help you when no one else can, because nobody will fight harder than we do to get you paid because in the end, winning is great but getting you paid is what our debt collection law firm fights for every day.

Debt Collection Solutions

Business Debt Collection

Our commercial debt collectors have worked with an extensive list of businesses and have helped countless receive the monies owed. Without a skilled collections lawyer, you are limited to phone calls and letter writing — which most often will NOT yield results with a delinquent debtor.

Mechanic’s Liens

Debt collections lawyer Alan M. Cohen has decades of experience aggressively and effectively using mechanic’s liens to help suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors collect their debts for any work performed and/or materials supplied. This is a complicated process where time is of the essence, so partnering with a skilled construction collection attorney is key.

Post-Judgment Collections

There are plenty of tools that the Massachusetts Collection Attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC use for effective post-judgment debt collection. These techniques are aggressive, effective, and ethical, and often are the difference between getting paid and getting let down.

Foreign Judgment Collections

Even if you are not present in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, our Mass. collections attorneys can domesticate and enforce your foreign judgment or collect the debt you are owed from your Massachusetts debtor if your debtor is within Massachusetts’ jurisdiction.

Our Affiliations

Experienced Boston collections lawyer Alan M. Cohen is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Attorney Cohen and the rest of the Massachusetts collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC have also been recognized by Super Lawyers and by Martindale-Hubbell as AV rated, with Attorney Cohen also receiving a superb score from Avvo. Simply put, our team of collections attorneys is highly respected in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and serves as the obvious choice for debt recovery.

We are commercial MA collections attorneys and litigators with a focus on commercial debt collection and business debt collection litigation. Our bad debt attorneys also prepare and enforce mechanic’s liens, enforce foreign judgments and litigate construction disputes. Our debt collection law firm has decades of experience in these categories, and our bad debt attorneys are here to fight for you and help you win your judgment and collect your delinquent debt.

Don’t let your bad debts and uncollected gather dust — the Massachusetts collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC led by Boston collections lawyer Alan M. Cohen moves swiftly through the collections process, and his team of debt collection attorneys will fight for you not only to win your case but to get you paid. Call the experienced and aggressive MA collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC at (508) 620-6900 or email them at

Success Stories

A contractor had been given the run around by a property owner to the tune of over $200,000.00.

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Aggressive & Innovative Collections

When your business has outstanding invoices, we work to collect your money quickly, aggressively and relentlessly, effectively and efficiently. Our...

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Our clients and track record say it best. Click below to learn how our lawyers have helped collect commercial debt...

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Our Philosophy

Our Massachusetts collections attorneys’ philosophy is simple - - GET YOU PAID!! Our debt collection law firm works relentlessly to collect the money you are owed. Unlike other debt collections companies, we don’t just do commercial debt collections when things are slow or as a side gig; it is the core of what our experienced team of debt collections lawyers does, and something that we are very skilled in after a combined over 45 years of experience as collections attorneys. We are the attorneys that other attorneys call upon to collect their delinquent fees or help their clients get paid. Our clientele includes international companies, national companies, regional companies, and those whose business are located only in Massachusetts. Our clients know that we go to the matt for them every day until we get them paid or no one can get them paid.

We represent businesses and professionals in many fields. They call on the top-rated collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to collect their debts, and we have always provided experienced and relentless commercial debt collection services to try to get them paid. Our collection law firm has the highest peer review rating attainable from Martindale-Hubbell, the leading peer review rating entity for lawyers. Our aggressive and effective methods utilized by our bad debt collections attorneys have garnered the respect of others in the industry and is a high endorsement for those looking for Massachusetts Collection Attorneys for their delinquent accounts receivables.

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Debt Collection Solutions

Spend Your Time Making Money. Leave the Debt Collections to Us!