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I work for a West Virginia bank. We needed to domesticate a judgment lien obtained in WV for a guarantor on a business loan that resided in Massachusetts. We had no counsel in Massachusetts. Luckily, our WV counsel referred us to Alan Cohen. I expected it to be a long process, and frankly didn’t expect the success we had. Alan was quick to file, quick to negotiate with borrower counsel, quick to obtain information. He told us to reject a settlement offer which we would have accepted, and we got more recovery. The end result of obtaining Alan Cohen as counsel was a $600,000 settlement/recovery amount over the initial amount we would have accepted initially. Alan is great to work with. Very responsive. I would call him a bulldog. He gets it done. Just wish I had an attorney like him that I could use full time in West Virginia. Thanks Alan. Definitely recommended.

Rob Hunt
Peoples Bank

Attorney Cohen,

I wanted to take a moment to sincerely express my gratitude for your unrelenting and multi-prong approach collecting a judgement far in excess of the amount anticipated.

While at first I was hesitant at your methodology of attacking even the meagerest of assets, I see now that such an approach was absolutely necessary to actualize amounts far in excess of what was even dreamed of.

Your efforts have secured a dignified existence for my disabled ex-wife, and achieved a step up in life for my son, as opposed to the penniless existence they were facing.

You sir were the best choice we could have possibly made in securing our judgement. Thank you does not begin to express our gratefulness to you and your staff.

God bless, good health and happiness to you.

Richard W. Gurney

After spending several years obtaining a judgement we were doubtful that we’d be able to collect. The debtor made use of every form of trickery to avoid us and essentially judgement-proof himself using multiple accounts and nominee trusts.
Attorney Cohen and his team successfully retrieved monies owed in a timely fashion and I cannot recommend him enough.

Austin G

I did not hire Attorney Cohen, but he spent close to a half hour on the phone with me discussing my case and potential advantages and disadvantages to several options. Very grateful for the time he generously gave me and for answering any questions I had.

Keith Constant

My firm used the services of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC for a debt collection that was seriously overdue. We had tried unsuccessfully to deal with the client on multiple occasions with no resolution. Once Alan’s firm took over, the issue was resolved promptly with very little work on our part. Alan was prompt and professional and we were happy with the results. I highly recommend his firm.

Jeff Richards

Aunt Millie's
Aunt Millie’s Bakeries
Company Headquarters
350 Pearl Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
(260) 424-8245 1 855 755-BAKE (2253)I am writing to recommend Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC. They worked with us on a civil action case this year involving collection of a large outstanding balance due Aunt Millie’s Bakeries. The outcome was better than expected, based on the courts awarding the ability to set aside funds in the defendant’s accounts for our balance. And then Mr. Cohen negotiated a 100% settlement on the account balance with the defendant. This was all largely in part thanks to Alan M. Cohen and his handling of the case.

I’ve always put a premium on efficiency and a calm demeanor, both of which are reflected in Mr. Cohen. I attended both days of court sessions in our case. My purpose was to 1) send a serious message to the court that this action and the amount owed are of serious concern to Aunt Millie’s, 2) a learning experience for myself, and 3) to witness Mr. Cohen in action, as we had engaged him through our attorney in Indiana. Mr. Cohen was well prepared for our case and unshaken by the fruitless defenses of the opposing attorney. He confidently stayed the course dismantling the opposing arguments, clearly pointing out to the judge the baseless claims that the defense had thrown into the case to muddy the waters and attempt to delay any court action. I continually felt as though our case was in good hands, if not the best.

Mr. Cohen is a delight to work with, extremely efficient with the use of his and my time, and certainly accomplished a superior result we were not confident in achieving. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again.

Should you have any further questions about Mr. Cohen or his team feel free to reach me at 260-424-8245.

Judy Bobilya-Feher
CFO Aunt Millie’s Bakeries
August 22, 2023
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Attorney Cohen successfully helped us collect monies due to our organization. He, and his staff, were communicative, concise, and diligent throughout the process.

Elizabeth Murzycki

Our company has used the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen for over a decade for handling our bad debt collections. Alan has always been successful in getting settlements back in our favor. Alan is an extremely professional attorney who has the relentless and aggressive traits needed in getting the results that we need. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen to anyone who needs debt collections services!

Chris Barry – Hallamore Corporation

Alan assisted our company with a debt collection case. We were very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. Alan was very thorough in his review of our files and situation. Shortly after filing a lawsuit for us, Alan was able to secure full payment from the debtors without proceeding with litigation. Very happy with the results and services from the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen.

Mike Pham

At First, I was reluctant to engage an attorney to collect a large debt I was due. I hadn’t used a collection agent in the past and unfortunately wrote off unpaid customer invoice but now with Alan and his team I’ will certainly use Alan’s collection services again.

From the first day I hired him until the day we collected payment was about 5 weeks. ~I was impressed~
Alan’s process was efficient and it didn’t impact me at all while I’m busy running my business.

Alan kept me in the loop during his process and he handled the important stuff that I have no clue what to do and really don’t care to do to collect a debt,

My first experience with Alan Cohen was exceptional.

Just Call Alan, you’ll be glad you did.

Mario C.

I recently retained attorney Alan Cohen on behalf of a company I was affiliated with to file suit for a complex construction insurance litigation. Alan did a terrific job resolving this matter. He was extremely thorough and hard-working and went through thousands of pages of documents to educate himself about the matter. He interviewed numerous witnesses and conducted voluminous amounts of discovery and left no stone unturned.

Alan was also very helpful in helping me understand the litigation and the issues and law that were involved. He was also thoughtful and kind and a cool head and supportive individual when things got tense and emotional. Ultimately he mediated the matter and was able to secure a very favorable outcome.

I would strongly recommend Alan to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who cares about his clients, is talented and has proven himself to be an extremely effective advocate.

Scott S.

Alan did a terrific job of completing a complex recovery of multiple real estate debts. He was very thorough in approach and always on top of developments. We so appreciated his guidance and wise counsel throughout.

Steve Haig

As an in-house attorney, I’ve worked for many years with various outside collection attorneys around the country to recover monies owed to our several businesses. Alan Cohen is the best I’ve worked with. He recently achieved an excellent result for us. I recommend him highly.

Jim Archibald

Thank you Alan and your staff for the very successful and professional collection services that your team provided us. For over 25 years you’ve given results that were more than satisfactory. I highly recommend the Alan M. Cohen Law Offices for your business collections.

Ron Gurnon
Braintree Lumber Co

Alan is one of the best attorneys that I have worked with. He is professional, communicates well, efficient, and most importantly, effective. As a practicing attorney myself, these qualities are critical to achieving results, and I have enjoyed working with Alan. As such, I recommend Alan Cohen without qualification.

John McInnes

Dear Alan,

I wanted to thank you for your tireless efforts on my behalf in securing the positive settlement of my lawsuit against a major debtor who had refused to pay me amounts owed under a promissory note.

I was particularly impressed by the interim settlement you secured by taking action against codefendants in a questionable real estate conveyance scheme to hide the assets of the primary defendant.

I know it was especially challenging to work through the legal process during the pandemic and I wanted to be sure you were aware of my high regard for your work and our successful outcome.

Greg R.
September 19, 2021

Attorney Alan Cohen and staff was highly recommended to me by my brother in law. We had zero hopes on a large amount owed by a client. But with all his knowledge and experience they did the impossible, and recovered our money plus interest. We will forever be thankful for him and his firm. –

Gleyson Oliveira

We are a public company getting ready to complete a major transaction. An old account payable moved forward with a lawsuit that may have impeded the transaction and Alan and Glenn worked with the opposing counsel the come to a reasonable settlement that allowed be released without judgement. This required careful negotiations and urgency all of which was done very professionally and timely by these two gentlemen. I would recommend this firm to anyone that requires expert counsel in settling past corporate debt. –

Zaman Khan

Positive, Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Alan and his team struck every chord perfectly: it’s not just that he collected the entire amount due including interest, it’s that the process was seamless leaving me to do my regular work without getting bogged down. And perhaps most important to our company, Alan’s tenacity in collecting was always accompanied by the utmost in professional conduct. I cannot recommend his team strongly enough. He will be my first and only call for any future collection needs. –

Rob Brebbia, VP Accounting and Finance
McKinnon-Mulherin Inc.

We hired Alan Cohen to collect monies for us that were over 120 days old. It was our experience (from past lawyers we used) that a long drawn out court litigation and costly expense was in the cards. He immediately filed for a mechanical lien and got the builder’s attention. We were amazed at the quickness of the settlement. We were able to settle within 45 days without going to court and got pretty close to what was owed to us. A job well done and his costs were reasonable! We would strongly recommend his firm! –

Marta Kenney
East Coast Plumbing

Dear Alan: It was great speaking with you the other day. I really want to thank you for your expert advice and detailed insights regarding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). I was impressed with your fluid knowledge and skillful recommendations, which I will share with my client. Thank you again, and please have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Sincerely Yours, David S. MacIntyre, Esquire

We requested the services of attorney Alan Cohen to handle a collection matter with an out-of-state client. In 20 plus years as an accounting professional, I have never had to take this step. I could not have been more impressed with the speed and professional manner in which he secured a judgement and had the funds in our hands. I will enthusiastically recommend his services over and over!

Maureen Geehan

I endorse attorney Alan M. Cohen as an excellent collections lawyer. Alan has represented my late brother’s company for many years, and I have dealt with him for several years in my fiduciary capacities for my brother’s estate. He is a lawyer of high integrity and skill in whom I have full confidence.–

Joel M. Reck

I am a retired attorney and trustee in bankruptcy. I have known Alan for over 25 years. Over the course of that time, I have referred many clients to Alan and I will continue to do so. He is one of the best collection and commercial litigation attorneys I know. Alan is very knowledgeable and aggressive and his clients get individual, undivided attention. If a debt can be collected Alan will do it.

John Burdick

I am an attorney in California that sought out Mr. Cohen’s services in connection with domesticating a California Judgment in Massachusetts on behalf of a finance client. The Judgment Debtor had moved to Massachusetts. The Judgment Debtor through a Massachusetts attorney vigorously opposed the domestication of the California Judgment and Mr. Cohen expertly and clearly presented the Court in Massachusetts with the legal and factual authority to prevail. Mr. Cohen was at all times wonderful to work with and at all times responsive in a prompt and professional manner – Thank you, Mr. Cohen!

Richard L. Weiner, Esq.,
Law Office of Richard L. Weiner

I own a tech marketing company that has clients nationwide. Unfortunately, I have more than my fair share of clients not paying invoices. I’ve tried using collection agencies and hired lawyers in many states, but most do not collect on the bad debt. They are slow to respond and usually don’t remember the details of my case.

Alan M. Cohen stands out as a very smart, aggressive debt collection lawyer who got results very fast on a 9-month old bad debt case. The debtor was trying to be very clever in hiding money and Alan was able to pick up on the debtor’s tactics and shut them all down. I got my check that represented justice served and a moral victory. I’m extremely happy with the work Alan Cohen provided to collect the bad debt.

Scott Thompson
Astoria Company

Just completed a construction project collection case with Alan. I was very pleased with his representation. I consider him to be of the highest legal competence as well as extremely ethical. He always returned phone calls and responded to emails promptly, and kept me abreast of the progress of the case. More importantly, he utilized a novel outside the box legal approach that enabled us to obtain more than double the amount we should have been able to obtain solely on the basis of our mechanic’s lien claim. I would not hesitate to use him again and I recommend him highly.

Laurence R. Landis, Esquire
EPIC Metals

In my 40 years in business I have never met a more professional, talented, relentless attorney as Mr. Cohen. I hired Alan to try and collect on a not very large debt that I thought I would have a lot of trouble getting a law firm to focus on. Boy was I wrong. I never had to call or nudge or badger or follow up. The aggressiveness and drive to go to such lengths to procure a settlement for his client comes entirely from some place inside Mr. Cohen. He is a very fine attorney, who has great people working for him and I was lucky to find him and them. Against very great odds I got my settlement. I highly and unreservedly recommend Alan M. Cohen. You will not be disappointed. –

Robin P. Sweeny
Symmetry Partners

In my industry, customers can become delinquent and in one case, a customer stopped paying his invoices. I contacted Alan and explained my story. He went to work on it right away. Within a month I was receiving checks from a payment plan he worked out with the customer. He recovered my losses and I am pleased with the outcome. I have had a couple cases like this and Alan has collected more than $50,000 from deadbeat clients. Alan is my special weapon when I need help. He will forever be on may side when my deadbeat customers won’t pay their bills! Thanks and nice work Alan!

John Potts

I contracted with Alan Cohen to assist with a rather complex collections matter. As a resident of another state, Alan was able to provide excellent representation of my company in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He made me feel as though I had the use of a lawyer in my own community. Alan’s diligence combined with his knowledgeable expertise on collections matters helped procure funds that other lawyers might not have been able to collect. I would recommend Alan for any collections matter.

Marc Insul
Commercial Asset Preservation, LLC

The Law Offices of Alan Cohen were recommended by another lawyer to me as an honest, hardworking and effective firm. After engaging Alan, I fully support this endorsement. From my first phone call Alan and his team were attentive, supportive and fully engaged even though I was a first-time client with a modest case and an even more modest budget. Throughout the entire process Alan constantly provided options that were applicable for a situation of my scope, explained potential pros and cons, and empowered me to be an informed decision-maker. He was an honest, engaged communicator and was always there to pick up the phone. As someone with little experience in stressful legal matters it was a great feeling knowing Alan and his team had my back throughout this experience. I would highly recommend the offices of Alan Cohen for all collection matters.

M. Sutherland

It is with great pleasure we write this testimonial to prospective readers, clients, and those thinking about engaging a collection service. If the readership is anything like our company was when we first read your flyer, we can only hope our words allays any fears or reservations they may have on engaging you and your firm. Collections are always awful problems for businesses to encounter but it comes with the territory. While we’ve been quite fortunate over our 27 years to have only a handful of delinquent paying customers, that compelling desire to recover payment is ever so present. We’ve previously used other attorneys along with a couple of collection agencies and while their efforts did lead to partial recoveries, your office is the only ONE to ever collect the entire outstanding balance, reduced only by your well-earned fees. We are completely satisfied and will undoubtedly use you again if and when the occasion arises.

In the instant case, we tried to collect long overdue balances from four (4) businesses operating under the same dba name but strategically structured as separate corporations owned by the same principals. These owners not only refused to pay for our goods when we asked but tried to avoid paying by threatening suit alleging we had somehow “cheated them”. They then expected us to accept a ridiculous lowball settlement offer implying it to be a “take it or get nothing” situation. That’s when we turned the matter over to your firm. Your office gathered everything it needed from us and pretty much took over from that point on. Over the next few months, you filed legal papers with the courts (keeping us informed along the way) and persisted until the debtors met our repayment demands. It was very impressive indeed!

It was a gratifying experience working with your office and seeing how much time, effort, and professionalism you devoted to our case. You made it seem like ours was the only case you worked on. We wish you and your staff the best and thank you for taking such good care of our company.

Ted Wong
Lun Fat Produce

Lawsuits are hard. They are hard on everyone – no question about it! I interviewed lots of attorneys in Massachusetts, finding that most were willing to take my case without even knowing what it was about. They talked about their successes, about their practice, their fees, and rarely about what I needed. I was just one more opportunity for a retainer, or worse a target on a dartboard of cases that they hoped to hit a few of.

After a telephone conversation with Alan Cohen from my home in Alabama, I chose him to represent me in what looked like an unrecoverable debt. He didn’t have the splashy TV ads, or the website with the flashing side logo. Alan didn’t talk about his successes – he talked about my problem, and learned about me. Alan just sounded professional, confident, dedicated and caring. He reviewed my paperwork trail and then called to tell me it would be a challenge, but he would take my case.

For 10 months, Alan was there to receive my calls. Not once was I referred to his ‘associate”, nor did I wait extended periods for return calls. Alan worked with me, which was so very important to the case. He kept me informed, and we shared information that was critical to the final resolution. He dug deeply into the creditors history and found the key that turned the lock that opened to settlement. Today, Alan answered the phone by saying, “Merry Christmas” and telling me that he was in possession of the settlement check.

We all choose an attorney for different reasons, I chose Alan Cohen, and he was everything I heard in my very first phone call to him – professional, confident, dedicated, and caring. We laughed together, struggled together, and most importantly, talked about how to overcome the problems of the case. I was never alone – there was never a ‘Wizard behind the curtain”. We were a team, and to me, that was the greatest gift of working with Alan Cohen.

So, I am pretty certain that you are thinking, “You got a settlement – sure you are happy.” You are right, the money is nice, but with or without a successful settlement, I would recommend Alan Cohen. The best results in life are rarely money – they are in the relationships we build along the way. My attorney, Alan Cohen has become so much more than an attorney; he is a friend and I am proud to recommend him to you.

Lynn Mitchell

I would highly recommend the offices of Alan Cohen for matters involving debt collection. Alan was persistent, relentless, and resourceful in pursuing the assets of a trafficker of counterfeits of our product. Alan is very dependable and I would use his services again if the need arose. Alan is one of the best attorneys in his field.

Gal Cohen, Ph.D
PAX Labs, Inc.

Air Purchases, Inc has used the Law Offices of Alan Cohen since 2013 and I’m very happy that I switched to his firm. I have been the credit manager here for 28 years and have used several attorneys and collection agencies in the past and none of them came even close to the results that Alan Cohen has achieved.

Attorney Cohen is a strong collection attorney who knows the law and how to use it to get results whether it is an Ex Parte attachment, lien or a mutual settlement agreement. His firm is professional, yet aggressive enough to get the debtor’s attention that we are serious and want payment now!!

If you are having collection issues with any of your accounts, I would highly recommend that you use the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC to obtain the monies that are due to you plus interest. I know that I will continue to use attorney Cohen in the future for all of my collection issues and feel confident that I will get paid in a timely fashion.

Donna A. Russo
Air Purchases, Inc.

Alan Cohen handled a difficult collection matter on behalf of Cook & Boardman several years ago. Alan demonstrated expertise in filing a lien and subsequent foreclosure suit and then negotiating a successful settlement on our behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend Alan for any collection matter.

Randy Nolen
The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC

Thank you again for the excellent work you performed in obtaining payment of the judgment entered in favor of (our client’s debtor) in the Franklin Circuit Court. Of course, your assistance was critical to the successful resolution of this matter. Please let me know if I can ever return the favor in Kentucky. It has been my pleasure to work with you.

Robert C. Moore
Stites & Harbison PLLC

We provided consulting services to our customer. They fell behind in their payments and did not act like they really cared. Alan methodically and diligently worked at getting them to pay back the principal amount plus interest. He recovered money for us that we could not have done without his legal knowledge. I highly recommend Alan’s services if you find your company in a similar position.

Kelly Parker
Talentlink, Inc

I contracted with Alan Cohen to collect on a Texas Judgment from a client in Massachusetts. I expected to hear the same “I can”, only to find out “I can’t” that I often hear from Texas Judgment Recovery Attorneys. Not with Alan Cohen! The 8-year-old judgment was resolved in less than 2 weeks. Thumbs up to Alan Cohen for being PROMPT, PERSISTENT, AND PROFESSIONAL.

Brian Walden
Walden Drilling

I would like to acknowledge attorney Alan Cohen for his help with collection of a defaulted debt owed to us. He is very goal oriented and stayed on the case until the debt was paid. He is extremely focused and kept me informed at all times about the case. I would be happy to refer my family and friends to him and feel confident they would be pleased with his legal expertise. –

Nancy Cohenno
Cohenno, Inc

Alan Cohen and team are true professionals – concise, competent, straight forward and action oriented. We had been working on collecting from an account for over a year when I finally contacted Alan. Within a week he demonstrated we meant business and negotiated a settlement for 100% of the balance due. Minimal time invested on our part and a high rate of return on services provided. Not sure why I waited so long!

Steve Neil
LED Engin, Inc

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC did an excellent job of obtaining funds on a delinquent note for our company. Alan worked expeditiously through the court process to get a judgement that got us paid. The effort was all Alan’s, our involvement was minimal so we could spend our time focusing on our business. I highly recommend Alan.

Brian B.
Center Harbor Funding, LLC

Alan has been a great asset to our company. He has been very prompt in responding to any of our needs and has resolved several debt cases for us. Some examples would be:This is just a few examples of the work Alan has done for us. When you hire Alan M. Cohen, you can be assured, that he will not stop until the case is resolved. He is very good at what he does and is the only lawyer that we will use now and in the future.

D & N Provisions, Inc

I am writing this letter to recommend you and your firm to others because of the exceptional legal representation that you have provided to WOLF for more than 15 years.

Our initial representation by your firm involved a commercial collection in Massachusetts, with an extremely contentious debtor, over an amount in the mid-six figures. You immediately instituted suit and attached bank accounts, and then proceeded with depositions and discovery. Following commercial mediation and threats of bankruptcy, when the debtor realized that the case would proceed, settlement followed with a full recovery, including most of WOLF’s costs. Your persistence, your understanding of the law and your business-like approach got us to that result.

We have since that time, used your services regularly for other collection cases, especially with the opening of our location in Worcester, Massachusetts. You have also provided the business and me with valuable advice and counsel related to WOLF’s expansion in New England, working closely with our Broker and Landlord’s counsel in the same knowledgeable and professional manner.

One of the things I most appreciate in our working relationship is the high level of communication from you on pending matters, which keeps our cases moving forward. You and your professional staff keep us informed all along the way, and you are always available for questions and concerns.

I recommend you without condition or hesitation to anyone who needs the legal representation that you so ably provide. Please feel free to have anyone who has questions or who would like more information to contact me directly by phone or e-mail, and I will be happy to speak with them in person. –

David R. Confer, Esquire
The WOLF Organization, INC. D/B/A WOLF Distributing Company

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for your diligence in collections matters on behalf of my company Peabody Supply Co., Inc. Your quick actions and dedication to your profession have benefitted Peabody Supply greatly. The level of service and legal expertise that we have received from you in the past nine months is beyond reproach.

We have used many collections agencies and other attorneys over the years. However, once we placed our first case with you, I knew we were dealing with a very unique attorney. Your work ethic and skill in dealing with real estate liens and ex parte attachments is amazing. We have seen action and results in every case we have sent to you. Because of this, I have even pulled active cases from our typical attorneys that we had been using. Their idea of active pursuit is sending out a demand letter every 30 days. You take action as soon as you receive a case and do not let up until you receive results.

In addition, you keep us informed on every step of the collections process. This is a welcome change to being kept in the dark by our past collections attorneys. If we have a question about a case or legal terminology, you are eager to answer our questions. Because you take the time to update us on cases, I feel truly empowered. We are able to make appropriate decisions together as to how to proceed with a certain cases.

From past experience, attorneys usually will not take smaller cases or cases that they feel they cannot win. However, you have been willing and eager to take any and all cases we have sent you. You were motivated not by financial gain but by your commitment to excellence in client service and satisfaction. This is one of the main reasons that we now use you exclusively for our collections matters.

In closing, the previous reasons for our appreciation of your work ethic would be enough for most companies to decide to use you as their attorney. The fact that you get fantastic results in collecting on unpaid receivables should solidify the fact that you are the best at what you do.

Cheryl Cormier
Peabody Supply Co., Inc

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alan and his team on a few cases over the past six months, and I am highly impressed with the effectiveness of his strategies. In the past, we had faced higher legal costs, with a fairly low success rate. During the time, client account issues took months to resolve and tended to have a low return. Too often, I was following up regularly to learn about the status of the case.

On the first occasion we had retained Alan, we were facing a client who was well behind on invoice payments for services delivered, and the account contacts had not been in communication for months despite numerous attempts. Within 24 hours of turning it over, the client was calling to settle the debt. On the next occasion, we reached settlement in full within weeks.

Alan’s process is able to get results quickly, and with a much higher success rate. We have a business to run with over 500 clients – there will be some who avoid paying their invoices. While that is never a fun situation, I am comforted by knowing that Alan takes the necessary steps to get us the best outcome.

For a collections lawyer, a man wearing a shark on his tie is exactly what you want to see representing you. I highly recommend Alan M. Cohen, and will continue to use his services to get the results we deserve.

Scott M. Conway

Alan M. Cohen’s Law office is a great asset to our company and our attempts to collect the bad debts we may incur. We have been using his firm for almost 10 years. His staff are always professional, friendly and quick to respond to our needs. Alan is always available to answer any questions simple or complicated regarding legal issues we may have. When we assign a case to Alan, we know whether it’s a small or large collection he will handle each and everyone with his utmost professional attention. We highly recommend Alan. He is one of the best attorneys Marjam uses and we do business in many states and have dealing with many attorneys.

Seeta Lochan
Marjam Supply Co.

Attorney Alan M. Cohen has been providing quality legal service to The Granite Group Wholesalers LLC since 2005. In the six years we’ve worked with Attorney Cohen, he has conducted himself with utmost professionalism and courtesy. Because of Attorney Cohen’s extraordinary diligence in working with our debtors, he has recovered thousands of dollars on our behalf. Updates are communicated regularly on all ongoing court cases and payments are sent promptly. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Cohen Law Office on future endeavors.

Jan M. Gilligan
The Granite Group Wholesalers LLC

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the efficient and diplomatic way you handled the collection for us. I don’t feel either you or I offended any party along the way and I got paid. That’s not the way some similar situations have turned out for me over the years.

All the best for good luck and success in the New Year. Let me assure you that if any Mass problems arise in the future I would look forward to working with you on them.

Paul Orsina
Westbrook Concrete Block Co.

On behalf of Louis, myself and F&B, I want to thank you for the quick resolution of our nonpayment issue. It was nice to know that we as suppliers, have some course of action when it comes to customers who willfully refuse to pay for services rendered. The manner in which you expedited our claims and negotiated a final resolution was exemplary. Our sincere thanks.

Kim McMahon for Louis Finocchiaro
F&B Fruit and Produce, Inc.

I was introduced to Alan by my IP attorney, as I had a collections matter that needed urgent attention. Alan drove in the same day I called him and started producing results immediately. The case evolved into a long, drawn-out affair due to opposing council taking advantage of the Court, but ultimately we prevailed. Working with Alan, I learned that he is meticulously prepared and knows the law intently. He clearly enjoyed the respect of the Court, and was very fair in his billings with me, even as his time on the case added up. He’s also a genuinely nice guy! I’d recommend Alan without reservation, and while I hope I don’t have another collections matter that requires his expertise, if I do, he’ll be my first call!

Andy P.
Call Andy

Attorney Alan M. Cohen is our “go to guy” whenever an aggressive collection approach is necessary to collect your dollars from uncooperative accounts. He has proven to be very successful in securing our claims by attaching debtors’ asset on an Ex Parte basis, usually within a week of our claim being placed in his hands, and eventually effecting payment, including fees and interest.

I highly recommend using Alan to pursue your past due dollars owed by your unresponsive customers rather than using the letter writing, “advance your file 60 days” variety of agency or law firm.

Stephen P. Milliken
Patriot Flooring Supply, Inc.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for attorney Alan M. Cohen.

Since being introduced to his firm through a referral, our company has been working with attorney Cohen for 7 years.

Attorney Alan M. Cohen is highly qualified in collection issues. His knowledge and understanding of the law involving these delicate matters is unsurpassed. Attorney Cohen consistently delivers results through his hard work and relentless drive to get you the outcome that you expect. In addition, his proactive approach helps us avoid potential pitfalls in our ongoing business matters. His dedication to the quality of attorney/client service is second to none.

I confidently recommend attorney Alan M. Cohen as the one to turn to for any issues involving collection matters. To get the results you want, hire the right person.

Brian Farrelly
The Jack Farrelly Co.

Gentlemen, What can I say? Grateful, appreciative…this just won’t do.

How about “thrilled”. Your approach, perseverance, and high level of legal expertise got the job done!

I’m proud to recommend the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC and suggest you do so without question.

“A diamond is a piece of coal, that finished what it started”.

Douglas R. Forrestal
Ry’leco Displays

To all you creditors stumbling around out there playing patty-cake with your debtors: What are you thinking?

We did our in-house collection due diligence, the phone calls and letter writing and after 60 days when these efforts were exhausted; we turned the accounts over to a collection agency. Guess what, they would spend another 60 days making phone calls and writing letters. If the debtor ignored us for the first 60 days, what made me think they would respond to similar efforts over the next 60 days?

What I learned was that if we did our due diligence and we were not paid in 60 days, the debtor was either in financial duress or intended to default. Either scenario requires aggressive action, writing more letters and making additional phone calls in most cases only allowed time for their financial situation to further deteriorate or worse yet, allows another creditor to cut in line ahead of you.

With Alan M. Cohen’s group there is no letter writing or phone calls, there’s only results! The Cohen group goes legal right out of the box and with an ex parte against the debtor. The debtor’s first notification comes from their bank when their accounts are levied. This doesn’t necessarily get you money but it sure gets you the attention of the debtor and forces them to address your claim, they usually contact you that very same day.

This action accomplishes three key elements in the collection of your monies. First you got their attention and forced contact, second you have noticed them you’re serious and aren’t going to go away, and third it puts you in a position of strength when negotiating the resolve.

At first pass I thought this process to aggressive and had concerns about alienating customers that had good intentions but have run into financial issues. But the Cohen process becomes very professional once they have your debtors attention. They temporarily turn the litigation process for the customer into a negotiation process for the creditor, very effective and not an unpleasant experience for either party. The best part is that through good communication between the Cohen group and the creditor, you control the process and make all your own decisions, but with excellent and professional guidance. The bottom line, you get your money and you get it quick and in most cases, without alienating your customer.

To me, the most compelling evidence that Alan M. Cohen is the most effective and professional way to collect your receivables,…one, I got out money, and two, several of my customers whose accounts I turned over to the Cohen group for collection now utilize him themselves for their collection issues. This speaks volumes.

Collection agencies tend to focus on phone calls and letter writing, minimal costs and a high margin to them if collected. Once they exhaust these efforts and are faced with the costs and burdens of litigation they seem to lose their interests, minimize their efforts and draw you into a long drawn out process that never seems to conclude.

Alan M. Cohen and his collection practices are ethical, relentless and extremely effective.

Lawre Casler
Mass-Conn Equipment, Inc
Eastern Equipment Sales, Inc.
Crest Tractor

We reached out to Alan Cohen for help with a collection that dated back to 2011. Within a 60-day period, Alan’s results exceeded our expectations. Alan was able to recover the full principle along with interest. His diligence, thoroughness and attention to detail was second to none. I would highly recommend theLaw Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC for any receivable issue.

Joseph R. Harold III
Sagamore Plumbing & Heating, Inc

Since 2011 our company has been utilizing the collection services ofLaw Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC. We are a company with over 1500 retail accounts owned primarily by individuals which makes it very difficult to follow traditional commercial collections protocol.

At the time of the writing of this testimonial I have over 18 years of experience as a Financial Controller with 11 years at my current employer. I have struggled in finding just the right person or agency to help us collect money, until I found Alan M. Cohen LLC.

Since employing Alan M. Cohen LLC we have experienced collections and recovery results that we once thought impossible. We have gone through no less than a dozen collection agencies and attorney networks with sluggish results at best. Alan has helped us with accounts that have been passed due for years. Whether it’s a settlement negotiation, all out legal pursuit, or penetrating the fortress of billion dollar corporations Alan has been consistently effective in getting us paid.

Before utilizing Alan’s services we would send 10 accounts and perhaps collect partial amounts on MAYBE 2 accounts. Alan has been incredibly effective in bringing in real dollars on over 75% of the accounts we have placed with his firm. Not only bringing in real dollars, but usually doing so within 6 months or less.

I would highly recommend the services of Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC to any business owner who has had enough of being strung along by customers and just simply need to get paid.

Steve Moscaritolo
American Florist Supply

It was truly a pleasure working with Alan; it is clear from our work he recognizes that litigation is a distraction for business. Alan aggressively pursues a timely resolution on the behalf of his clients in a creative fashion. –

Julieann M. Thurlow, President
Reading Co-operative Bank

Alan and his team did a great job in collecting from one of our old clients that we had pretty much given up on. The case was more complex than anticipated and the entire process took awhile, but Alan gave us great guidance and was a strong advocate for us through it all. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend Alan and his firm.

Aimee Silverman

Based on a recommendation from another attorney I contacted the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC. I had recently been awarded a judgement in small claims court. I was a subcontractor who was not paid by the general contractor. Although pursuing my small claims judgement was time-consuming (3 separate appearances), it was relatively easy. After speaking with courthouse staff I realized it would difficult if not impossible to actually collect on my judgement. I then contacted an attorney who not only I know but was also familiar with my situation and the project in general. He was representing some of the larger subcontractors who were owed six figures and needed to pursue their cases in district court. He then told me that I should contact the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, as he would be the best person to not only collect the money but to do it in a way that would be affordable. I could not agree more. Shortly after hiring the firm the defendant called to settle and I was paid. I am very pleased with the result and would highly recommend them.

David P. Russo
BSI Building Specialties, Inc.

As an out-of-state landlord I hired Alan Cohen to help me deal with a tenant six months behind in rent. I was afraid of a messy eviction process and concerned that I would not be able to recoup back rents owed me. Alan insured a speedy eviction of my tenant and I recouped every penny of my back rent. If you want someone who is relentless and gets results, I strongly recommend Alan.


Alan, thank you for handling our collection matter. We are grateful for your attention to detail, preparing all the necessary documentation and negotiations on our behalf. I couldn’t be more pleased with your services, which resulted in collecting 100% of what we were due!

Colin P. Smith, AIA

I was passed Alan’s details by a larger law firm based in Boston as being more specialist in collecting debts under Massachusetts law. I manage a UK-based global business with an office in Boston, and as such my UK team are not as aware of the legal requirements for debt collection in the US and specifically Massachusetts. Being in the travel industry at the current time, I was not that hopeful that Alan and his team would be able to help, so I took the contingent fee option. I sent over to Alan an extremely difficult New York-based customer where we were just not receiving any response. Alan and his team were able to obtain full payment within c. 1 month of the case being handed to them. In addition, I have sent over two further cases where we were not making any progress and again full payment has been received and quickly.

Alan and his team are efficient, relentless and very clear on the information they require from you (as the client) which enables the process to be as painless as possible. Fantastic success rate and would highly recommend.

Neville Doe, Group Chief Finance Officer
Leisure Pass Group

Being a retired business owner, I find myself with no less than 20 attorney contacts built into my phone. Depending on the specific situation I will call one of the various contacts I have. When I need an aggressive attorney who do my collections as quick as possible – it is Alan Cohen I engage. Without a doubt attorney Cohen uses every legal resource at his disposal and employs all means and options of collection that other attorneys don’t do or don’t know how to do.
Beyond that, communications are timely and he and his staff are always accessible. I strongly suggest attorney Alan Cohen is the most professional and experienced collection attorney in Massachusetts.

Gregory R. Doyle
Doyle Lumber Co., Inc.

Alan helped our business collect outstanding receivables. Very professional and helpful. Highly recommend him.

Mark Magnarella