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Enforcement of Judgments in Massachusetts Requires a Skilled Commercial Debt Collection Attorney

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Business Debt Collection, Massachusetts Debt Recovery

<>Enforcing a money judgment in the State of Massachusetts is generally allowable for a period of twenty years. A skilled and persistent attorney will ensure that all property that is liable to be taken on execution and enforcement has been identified and secured. Alan M. Cohen is such an attorney and has been successfully helping clients recover debts for over 30 years.
<>Securing Assets to Ensure Payment
<>The following items and assets (among others), with certain exemptions, can be secured as payment from the judgment debtor.

  1. <>Physical personal property, including vehicles, inventory, or equipment.
  2. <>Bank accounts.
  3. <>Wages.
  4. <>Real Estate.

<>Physical personal property can be obtained with a Writ of Execution, which is a legal document allowing the sheriff to attach non-exempt personal property belonging to the debtor and hold it for sale at public auction for the specific purpose of satisfying the debt.
<>If the debtor has money in the bank or is receiving a wage, we seek a trustee process attachment to access those funds to satisfy the judgment.
<>With respect to real estate owned by the debtor, we seek a Writ of Execution on the property allowing either the sale of the property at public auction to satisfy the debt or, in some cases, we record the Writ of Execution as a lien against the property that must be satisfied before the judgment debtor can sell or refinance the property.
<>Supplementary Process Action
<>If no specific asset can be found, we search to make sure nothing has been hidden illegally. If all else fails, we proceed with a supplementary action.
<>This can be a useful tool. Here, the judgment debtor is summoned to court where he or she must, under oath, submit to examination of his or her ability to pay the judgment. The court then enters a Payment Order based on the findings and sets up either a single payment to satisfy the judgment, or recurring weekly or monthly payments.
<>Alan M. Cohen does not give up on debtor judgments.  He pursues these judgments with skill and tenacity until they are paid.  If you need help collecting an outstanding debt, whatever it may be, let our law firm help you. We have years of experience collecting debtor judgments and are good at what we do. Call us today at 508-763-6604 or email [email protected] to see how we can help you.