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The Art of Domesticating Judgments in Massachusetts

by | Aug 5, 2018 | Business Debt Collection, Massachusetts Debt Recovery

When it comes to judgments, under the US Constitution, all States are required to honor judgments of other States. How that is done is generally governed by the Uniform Foreign Judgment Enforcement Act, which unfortunately has not been adopted by some States, such as Massachusetts. This means a foreign judgment creditor must first domesticate the judgment that’s been decided by the courts, in order to enforce them in Massachusetts. The good news, however, is that hiring a good foreign debt collections attorney such as Alan M. Cohen can help get your judgments domesticated so that they can be enforced in Massachusetts.
Why Hire a Foreign Judgments Attorney? 
If you happen to be an out-of-state creditor who is seeking payment with a debtor in Massachusetts, then you are going to need an experienced judgments attorney who is skilled in domesticating and enforcing judgments in Massachusetts. Hire an aggressive debt collection attorney such as Alan M. Cohen, who has the expertise to see your case through and get your judgment domesticated. This will make it easier for the creditor to act and get their payments from the debtor for the domesticated judgment. Hiring an experienced attorney who focuses in commercial debt collection laws in Massachusetts will help you domesticate your judgments within the least amount of time.
Another advantage of hiring an attorney who focuses in judgment enforcement law in Massachusetts is that the creditor does not have to take the trip to Massachusetts if they live somewhere else. Hiring an attorney with the know-how on commercial debt collection and judgment collections can save you a lot of time and money while you’re domesticating a judgment.
Debt Collection Attorneys Take Quick Action
The debt collection attorney wastes no time and gets to work right away, using their skills and acquiring the evidence and documentation that will help strengthen your case. By using an aggressive approach to domesticating judgments and debt collection in general, a debt collection attorney can maximize the likelihood of collecting your bad debt and getting you paid.
The Process
The process of domesticating a judgment begins when you hire the debt collection attorney. One hired,  debt collections attorney Alan M. Cohen will go through the details of your case to assess the situation. He will then begin to prepare the required pre-judgment documentation in order to get access to ‘ex parte’ attachments which will in turn, may help seize the bank accounts and other assets of the debtor. Once all the documents have been prepared, Attorney Alan M. Cohen will then immediately file suit and seek pre-judgment security. Once obtained he  will send the trustee summons or writs of attachment  to your friendly local deputy sheriff or process server who will then record any real estate attachments and serve the bank that will provide you with the security you need to obtain the payments that you are now entitled to thanks to the Massachusetts suit domesticating the foreign judgment.
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