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Using Aggressive Methods to Domesticate Foreign Judgments and Enforce Mechanics Liens

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Experienced Debt Collectors

Whether you operate in or outside Massachusetts, if your customer to whom you had provided goods or rendered services on credit is located in Massachusetts and is not paying off your debt, then get in touch with our experienced and aggressive debt collection lawyer, Alan M. Cohen, today.

With us, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, you don’t have to suffer from the stress and frustration that comes with the legwork involved in following up with debtors. You also don’t have to sit helplessly in the face of bad debts when your debtor fails to make payments.

Simply stated, our aggressive Massachusetts collection attorney, Alan M. Cohen, can turn bad debts into definite debt payments, while you enjoy a stress-free debt recovery experience regardless of where you are located—in the state of Massachusetts, another state or another country. Our debt collection firm works relentlessly and aggressively to help clients get their hard-earned monies back into their bank accounts from tricky debtors who want to delay payments or have zero intentions of paying back.

We Domesticate Foreign Judgments in Massachusetts

At times creditors operating outside Massachusetts find it extremely difficult to recover debts from debtors who reside and operate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While the state made the process of domestication a much more straightforward one in 2019, we still need to go through the process before any action can be taken.

Therefore, to implement and enforce it, the creditor must get the judgment domesticated. And this is what we can help you with. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, we domesticate your foreign judgment in Massachusetts and simultaneously work to secure payment of that judgment. Unlike other attorneys who just file a judgment registration to domesticate a foreign judgment and wait, our lawyers work aggressively to help you recover monies by taking aggressive legal actions and measures to attempt to secure payments of your foreign judgment. We may take measures such as ex parte bank attachments, ex parte real estate attachments and reach and apply injunctions to recover monies on your domesticated foreign judgment.

Our Relentless Massachusetts Collection Attorneys Know How to Collect Foreign Judgments

The Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act has been accepted and adopted by Massachusetts, making the process of collecting and domesticating your foreign judgment a smoother process. However, to successfully domesticate the judgment, you must still know and comply with the procedural rules.

There are two ways to domesticate a foreign judgment, The first is to register the same which moves forward only after the clerk has given the debtor 30 days to object — and with COVID delays, who knows how long that will be. The second approach is to file suit to domesticate the foreign judgment. During this process we seek ex parte attachments of your debtor’s assets so that once your judgment is domesticated, you have a better chance of collecting.

Massachusetts Mechanics Lien Statute Requires Strict Compliance with Rigid Requirements

Likewise, if you are operating in the construction industry as a subcontractor, materials supplier, or design professional including without limitation architects, and the general contractor fails to pay the debt they owe to you for the services rendered or goods provided, we can help. Our experienced and knowledgeable construction law attorney can provide you with complete information about your debt collection rights and assist you through the mechanics lien filing process.

Massachusetts mechanics lien laws provide protection to suppliers as well as contractors seeking debt payments. These laws help protect contractors and suppliers against the non-payment risk. This means that when the debtor refuses to pay, you can secure the debt payments by filing for a mechanics lien.

A mechanics lien serves like collateral. It can cover the contractors and suppliers from losses which improve the owner’s property. However, to take full advantage of this right, one must make sure that it is filed timely, correctly and in conformance with the law. For this, it is vital to go to an experienced mechanics lien attorney like the ones you will find at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC. We have a complete know-how of how to draft, record and enforce mechanics lien.

Our Experienced Massachusetts Collection Lawyers Not Only Know How to Enforce Mechanics Liens but Use Other Debt Collection Techniques to Get You Paid

If you wait until the last minute to record your mechanics lien, you may lose your chance of getting paid. It is crucial to understand that mechanics lien comes with strict time limits. If you fail to exercise your mechanics lien rights within that time frame, you will lose your mechanics lien rights completely. Even if you wait and are timely, you may be too timely if the general contractor abandons the job or the owner makes final payment before you have given notice of your lien. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have to waive your debts and incur a loss. Our attorneys can use other techniques to collect your debt.

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