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Using Proven and Effective Tactics for Debt Collection for Small Businesses

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Experienced Debt Collectors

Nothing is more frustrating than when a customer tells you that they will fulfill their outstanding debts, but they then fail to do so. While some may wait for the payment in an effort to keep their business, more often than not, the late payments continue — if you receive a payment at all. If you go along with this arrangement, you put the debtor into the driver’s seat of the business relationship. Remember, you and not your customer should control your money.

Some debtors try to hide from their obligations, especially if they owe many businesses, so it’s important to have a quick and effective plan of action. The experienced collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC can formulate and execute that plan for you, using years of experience and skill in making debtors pay up on their commercial debt.

How We Do It

Instead of resorting to the calls and letters that most collections agencies will drag you through (which you could have done yourself for free), we go directly to full legal debt collection process to try to collect from your debtor. As soon as we agree to take on your case, we will review all contracts, credit applications, or other documents and agreements relevant to the outstanding debts to determine the best way to approach your debt recovery. We  file suit as soon as possible to get the process started quickly, because in scenarios such as these, swift action leads to the best results.

In addition, prior to filing suit, we will investigate the debtor’s current financial situation. We use that information to seek, where appropriate,  attachments both with notice and ex parte on any possible non-exempt assets. What this does is freeze your debtor’s assets, such as bank accounts and real estate to secure payment of your debt. In some instances, we may also use reach and apply injunctions, which forces anyone who owes money to your debtor to pay you directly, cutting out the debtor as a “middleman.”

The Benefits of Choosing Collections Attorneys

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC has over 45 years of collective experience in debt collection for small businesses and dealing with delinquent debtors. While collections agencies will try the same ineffective methods, partnering with our collections attorneys will provide the following advantages:

  • Effective Action: We do not stop fighting for you until we have turned over every stone in our efforts to get you paid. We will seek prejudgment security so that once you have won, you have something to collect.
  • Proactive Measures: As we mentioned previously, while agencies will resort to phone calls and letter writing, we use our entire arsenal of aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical debt collection methods to fight for you to get paid. The second we take on your case, we immediately get to work.
  • Reasonable Cost: We offer flexible payment structures. We treat every case the same — meaning you can feel comfortable in our efforts to get you paid no matter your payment structure.

If you are ready to collect on your outstanding accounts receivable, turn to the experienced respected collections attorneys that get results at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC. Call us today at 508-763-6604 or email us at [email protected].