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Commercial Collections: When is it time to take action? The time to take action is now.

On Behalf of | May 28, 2024 | Business Debt Collection, Commercial Debt Collection

As a business owner, it doesn’t take long to become frustrated by unpaid invoices. They can disrupt your cash flow and undermine the health of your enterprise. Knowing when to take action in commercial collections is crucial.

At Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, our aggressive commercial collections attorneys are ethical when it comes to making sure you get paid, but they are also relentless. It can be difficult to know when to take action, especially if you are trying to avoid a confrontation. We are here to tell you that if you are asking the question, the time is now.

Balancing a business relationship and collecting on receivables

Part of running a successful business is building relationships with your customers. A level of trust and rapport is built between a business and its customers. Retaining customers sometimes means you might have to offer a discount. There also might be times where you need to provide a little leeway with due dates and payments. However, letting a customer take advantage of you repeatedly, lets the customer run the show. You give your power and discretion away to your customers. So where is the line? How do you know when you need to take action and hire a commercial collections attorney.

Red flags: Understanding when you need to take action

Generally, any receivable that has reached 60-90 days requires immediate attention and serious action. Here are some other red flags that indicate you need to pay attention to the debtor and consider taking action immediately:

  • Consistently late payments
  • A debtor becomes unresponsive
  • A debtor becomes evasive
  • Other signs that your debtor’s financial situation is deteriorating

Don’t wait for the red flags to become emergencies. Proactive measures and immediate action can save you time and money. Hiring an aggressive and relentless commercial collections attorney with over 50 years of experience is an efficient step toward streamlining your collections efforts.

Legal considerations: getting paid under Massachusetts law

We fight to get you paid, and part of that fight is understanding the legal implications of debt collection. Massachusetts law provides a framework for how and when to pursue debts, and we are well-versed in navigating these regulations to your advantage. We evaluate your case and employ whatever collection tactics are appropriate under the law to collect on your judgment. We utilize prejudgment attachments. We will litigate for a judgment. After a judgment is obtained, we will evaluate post-judgment collections options.

Working for you: Our aggressive approach

You’ve tried patience, and you’ve tried negotiation. Now it’s time to show that you mean business. With over 50 years of commercial collection experience, we know that sometimes, you have to be relentless to get what you’re owed. We don’t shy away from tough cases. Our pursuit is relentless and ethical, and we leverage our experience to maximize your recovery.

The time to get paid is now. Consult a commercial collections attorney.

When debts go unpaid, it’s not just an inconvenience; it’s a threat to your business’s viability. You need a partner who will fight as hard for your payments as you do for your business. At Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, we understand your frustration and are ready to help you take the necessary action to get paid. Don’t let unpaid debts go unchallenged. Contact us by sending an email or calling our office at 508-763-6604 to schedule an appointment. We will discuss your options and put an end to the waiting game.