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Unpaid debts are an inevitable problem when running a business, and they can cause significant stress and headaches. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, our commercial collections attorneys have more than 50 years of experience helping Massachusetts and out-of-state creditors seek judgments from their debtors and collect on unpaid debts.

When others might give up, we only work harder. Our commercial collections attorneys are aggressive and relentless. Our firm’s lawyers explore every avenue available to you under state and federal laws to pursue and collect unpaid debts. The good news is that Massachusetts state law provides a somewhat generous timeline for collecting unpaid debts.

What is the statute of limitations for commercial collections in Massachusetts?

It depends on the nature of your transaction. In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for commercial debt collection is six years. This means that you have a six-year window from the date the debt became due to take legal action and file a lawsuit against the debtor.

Alas, if your debt involves goods for sale, you only have four years after the transaction to file a lawsuit to collect on an unpaid debt. No matter whether your unpaid debt involves goods or services, we highly recommend taking steps to pursue your unpaid debts sooner rather than later. While these deadlines seem generous at face value, the sooner you secure a judgment, the more likely you are to get paid.

How long do you have to collect on your judgment?

Once you secure a judgment against a debtor, you get even more time to try to collect on your judgment. Once you have a judgment in hand, you will have the next 20 years to collect on that judgment.

We are motivated to help you get paid. Just because the law gives you 20 years, does not mean that we want it to take that long. But it does mean that even if you have given up on collecting a judgment you secured several years ago, we can still go to work to try to get you your money.

With 20 years to collect on a judgment, creditors have a substantial advantage and more opportunities to recover the owed amount. Patience can pay off in the end.

Let us tackle the debts your company has given up on

Navigating debt collection laws can be complex. With over 50 years of combined collections experience, our firm understands the nuances of Massachusetts’ statutes. We not only secure judgments against debtors, we relentlessly go to work to collect on those judgments utilizing pre-judgment and post-judgment methods allowed to us under state and federal laws, including:

We employ aggressive, relentless, and ethical strategies to try to get you paid. We go after debtors that you might have otherwise given up on.

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