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Does Your Debt Collection Attorney Use Post-Judgment Discovery?

Many debt collection attorneys rely solely upon post-judgment supplementary process to learn about a debtor’s assets. Unfortunately, the creditor bears the burden of proving that the debtor has the ability to make payment as opposed to the debtor having the burden of proving that they cannot. By relying solely on post-judgment supplementary process, a creditor is relying upon a deadbeat’s honesty. Really???

The Advantages of Post-Judgment Discovery

Unlike other attorneys who only dabble in commercial debt collection,  experienced collection attorney  Alan M. Cohen uses both the pre-judgment limited asset searches and post-judgment discovery to even the playing field.

More Advantages of Post-Judgment Discovery

Where warranted, Attorney Alan M. Cohen subpoenas’ the debtor’s financial information, slowly peeling back the onion to attempt to discover whether the commercial debtor is really broke or whether the debtor has shifted its assets to avoid paying you the creditor. This can be a painstaking process which requires diligence and patients, but can lead to rewarding results—getting you paid!!

Getting Information Before Obtaining a Judgment

Prior to getting to post-judgment discovery, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen aggressively seeks to identify the debtor’s assets, whether in the debtor’s name or otherwise before filing suit.  This allows commercial collection lawyer Alan M. Cohen to see pre-judgment attachments to freeze the debtor’s assets so that when you win the case, there is a greater likelihood of you getting paid.

With over thirty years of debt collection experience, Attorney Alan M. Cohen has the experience and special skill set that you need to pursue bad debt. All of the work Attorney Cohen does is both ethical and relentless, so you can rest assured that if there is an avenue to get your money repaid, the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC will pursue it.

Do not rely on a debt collection agency or attorney that starts working after a judgment is obtained or shifts into Park once the judgment is obtained. Hire the commercial debt collection lawyer who does not stop aggressively working for you until the debt is paid.

Contact Attorney Alan M. Cohen at 508 620 6900 or email for aggressive, relentless, effective and ethical pursuit of your outstanding and delinquent commercial  and business debt.

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