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Leave The Debt Collection To Us

Medium-sized and large companies that are having trouble collecting on delinquent debts should act quickly. Time is of the essence – and that means you have no time for collection agencies.

Did you know that collection agencies can’t force business debtors to pay? They can only contact the debtor again and again in an effort to persuade them to pay. It’s labor intensive, and that’s costly. Worse, it doesn’t work. Even worse, it may persuade the debtor to move the money out of your reach.

Only a lawyer can do what is necessary to force payment. And only a tiny fraction of attorneys have the necessary skills and experience to pursue collections effectively.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, we have represented businesses of all sizes and in a range of industries since 1994. We do aggressive business-to-business collections for everyone from banks and debt buyers to building contractors and other attorneys. We collect on Massachusetts debts and also on judgments from other states when the debtor or their property is in Massachusetts.

Here are the first three steps we take that often result in immediate payment:

Investigate the debtor: We find out what assets the debtor has, including any that have been recently transferred.

Prepare and present prejudgment motions: As we draft the lawsuit to collect your debt, we will seek prejudgment security. That means attempting to freeze without notice the debtor’s assets immediately, even before judgment. This is called an “ex parte” attachment. In some cases, the court will not allow this without prior notice to the debtor. So we then give notice and continue to attempt to freeze assets so that when you win, there is something from which you can get paid.

Have the sheriff seize the assets: Once a court approves an attachment, we serve the attachment and have the sheriff seize the assets the court has ordered frozen. This way, when we obtain a judgment against your debtor, the assets will be available to pay you.

If that three-step process doesn’t result in payment, the story isn’t over. We have countless other business debt recovery tactics, including:

  • Rule 65 injunctions
  • Receivership
  • Sheriff’s sales
  • Reach and apply injunctions
  • Supplementary process
  • Post-judgment actions
  • Rule 69 depositions

Does your debtor company have assets in Massachusetts?

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC helps businesses from other states collect from Massachusetts debtors. That might involve getting a judgment in Massachusetts, if that’s the most efficient method in your case.

If you already have a judgment against the debtor from another state, however, we know how to get that “foreign” judgment “domesticated” so it can be collected on in Massachusetts all the while using our aggressive, ethical tactics to try to get you paid as much as possible.

We do not give up. We relentlessly pursue every legal avenue to collect on business debts. We have over 50 years of experience helping businesses such as yours collect their debts. We are very efficient and good at what we do.

Don’t waste any more money on collection agencies or attorneys who dabble in trying to get their clients paid. Check out our references. We know how to get it done. Call 508-763-6604 or reach out using our online form to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced collection attorneys.