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At the Law Offices of Alan M Cohen, LLC, our collections attorneys fight tirelessly to make sure you collect your debts in a timely fashion, even with delinquent debtors who drag their feet with outstanding accounts receivables. With our commitment to satisfying our clients in mind, our work does not end once we obtain a judgment for you. We are consistently and diligently searching for additional assets to seize and sell, because we want to see you get paid. One of the many tactics that we use is referred to as post-judgment litigation. With post-judgment litigation, we can bring new suits on your existing civil judgments, allowing us to bring in new parties and advance new theories to make sure that you get paid.

Post-judgment litigation against individual defendants may also include complaints regarding wage garnishments. While some attachments such as a bank attachments, real estate attachments, [personal property attachments and temporary restraining orders, can be done without notice, wage garnishments require giving notice to the debtor. In some cases, the debtors cooperate and agree to voluntary wage assignments. More often, we must continue with our wage garnishment motion to be allowed by the appropriate Massachusetts Court to obtain the garnishment. The wage garnishment motions used by our experienced aggressive Massachusetts collections attorneys request the court to allow continuous garnishments to avoid the need to continue to make court appearances to keep the Massachusetts wage attachment in place.

Some of our collections attorneys’ tactics involve post-judgment litigation seeking reach and apply injunctions, which can prevent a third party from directly paying your debtor and instead requiring the third party to pay you the debtor’s monies. Reach and apply injunctions are also used by the aggressive collections attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to attach a debtor’s interest in other companies, trusts, or properties being held in other parties’ names If the circumstances warrant it, our experienced Massachusetts collections attorneys will fight to pierce a corporate defendant’s veil to impose individual liability on the owners, which is not an easily accomplished task in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but one that we have done on numerous occasions. Post judgment litigation can also include complaints to place a business defendant into receivership. The positive of a receivership complaint or motion is that your court appointed receiver can review the books and records of the debtor business, collect their mail, deposit their checks and dissolve or if necessary, operate your debtor’s business. The negative of a receivership complaint is that the receiver is not there to collect the debt owed to you, but the debts owed to all creditors, proportionately under the Massachusetts court’s supervision.

These and other tools are just a few of the methods that we use with our clients. Our innovative and aggressive collection tactics can help you execute on your civil judgments and help you get paid. While some attorneys may simply give up, we keep fighting until the final whistle. Whether we collect immediately or collect eighteen years from now, we work hard to pursue post-judgment collection of our clients’ money judgments. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen, LLC focuses on both post- and pre-judgment Massachusetts debt collection as well as foreign judgment collections, for the entire state of Massachusetts, because we care about our clients and want to see you get paid.

For innovative, aggressive, ethical, and effective Massachusetts business debt collections from businesses subject to Massachusetts jurisdiction, contact The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen, LLC. Our collections attorneys’ recognized experience in post-judgment litigation, as well as business debt collection, foreign judgment enforcement, attachments and delinquent accounts receivable collections can help you get paid. In short, we don’t give up. We fight for our clients to get them paid and don’t stop until we either get you paid, or no one else can.

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