Post-Judgment Litigation

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Post-Judgment Litigation

Even after obtaining a judgment for you, we do not stop. We consistently and diligently search for additional assets to seize and sell so that you can get paid. One tactic that we use is called “post-judgment litigation”. In post-judgment litigation, we bring suit on the existing civil judgment. This allows us to bring in new parties and/or advance new theories to get you paid.

Those theories may involve trying to reach and apply monies that are owed to the judgment debtor by third parties so that you can get paid directly.

Another approach we may pursue is to try to pierce a corporate defendant’s veil to impose individual liability on the owners. This is not an easily accomplished task but we have done this on numerous occasions.

Another approach we may take is to try to use the reach and apply statute to attach your debtor’s interest in other companies, trusts or property standing in other’s names.

We may also seek post judgment ex parte bank, personal property and/or keeper attachments.

These are just some of the many tools in our tool chest. We innovate when it comes of thinking up ways to execute upon your civil judgment and get you paid.

Post-judgment litigation against individual defendants could also include a complaint for a wage garnishment. Unlike a bank attachment which can be done without notice, a wage garnishment can only be sought after notice to the judgment debtor. Sometimes the judgment debtor will cooperate and agree to a voluntary wage assignment. Other times we proceed to obtain the wage garnishment order from the court.  Our experience has led us to modify our wage garnishment motions to avoid the need of having to make repeat visits to the court to keep the wage attachment in place.

Unlike others, we never give up. Sometimes we collect immediately. Sometimes we collect in eighteen years. Whatever it takes, we pursue post judgment debts for our clients aggressively, relentlessly and most importantly ethically.

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Debt collection FAQs

  • Why should my company hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC to collect unpaid accounts receivable in Massachusetts?

    Our philosophy is simple: We never give up. We pursue your debtor until either you get paid or no one else can get you paid. We treat your debt as our debt and tirelessly pursue debt recovery. We are the last name that your debtors want to hear.

  • How do you effectively collect debt in Boston, Worcester, Springfield and throughout Massachusetts?

    When we first get a file in from a client, we look to see what the debtor is about, who it does business with, and what is posted on social media. From there we determine which collection tactic would be most effective in swiftly collecting our client’s bad debt. Unlike others who write demand letters and make calls, we figure that you have already done that and want an aggressive and relentless debt collection action. That is exactly what we provide: No calls. No letters. Just Action through litigation.

  • What makes a good Massachusetts bad debt collections attorney?

    A good Massachusetts collection attorney not only knows how to collect bad debt in Massachusetts but is driven to do what it takes no matter how long it takes to collect the delinquent debt. A good Massachusetts collection lawyer not only listens to his client, but he also keeps his/her client informed of everything that is happening in the case. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, aggressive, relentless, innovative and successful bad debt collection is wired into our DNA. We send a copy of every communication that we send and receive on your case to you. For over three and a half decades we have been protecting creditor’s rights.

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