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Attorney Alan M. Cohen Collects For Plumbing Supplier

A plumbing supplier’s long time customer was behind in payments to the tune of more than $30,000. The supplier never had the debtor fill out a credit application or personal guaranty which should have included an interest and attorneys fees clause.

It did, however, include those provisions in its invoices and statements. When the debtor refused to pay unless the supplier dropped all of its interest charges, the supplier said no way and called me.

I immediately sued, sought and won pre-judgment security by attaching the debtor’s real estate. During a two day trial, in which my cross-examination completely discredited the debtor; my persuasive argument about the application of the Uniform Commercial Code saved the day. I won judgment in excess of $100,000, which included interest, costs of collection and attorney’s fees.

Immediately after the verdict, I filed two more attachment motions to fully secure the judgment on property squirreled away in realty trusts. While my motions were pending, I negotiated a $90,000 lump sum settlement to avoid an appeal!!

Can you say – – – KA-CHING!!!

My clients can.

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