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A Contractor Has Been Given The Run Around By A Property Owner To The Tune Of Over $200,000

The contractor hoping for the better part of human nature to take over waited until near the very end of the time in which it could file a notice of contract pursuant to the Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Law. A couple of days before the owner was preparing to sell the property, the contractor contacted the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC. Locating the exact property address was more problematic than most because the contractor had done work at many different units within the development. After laboriously going through multiple online searches of the registry of deeds, on that same day, we prepared both the Notice of Contract and Statement of Account based on the information provided by the contractor and had them recorded. We then sent out notice to the property owner.

Right before the closing the title insurance attorney did a run down and located the Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien that we had prepared on literally a moment’s notice.  As a result of our diligent work, our client was able to get paid.

Mechanic’s liens when done timely, can make the difference between getting paid and getting stiffed. It all starts with your paperwork   which when properly done, can allow you to file a mechanic’s lien. If you would like to be sure that your paperwork will enable you to seek a mechanic’s lien and enhance your chance of getting paid, call our experienced mechanic’s lien attorney Alan M. Cohen at 508-763-6604 or email today. Make sure that the sound you hear when you seek to collect money is Ka-Ching and not Ker-plunk!!