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A Fuel Supplier’s Customer’s Willingness To Pay Its Debts Ran Dry

SPRINGFIELD DISTRICT COURT  . . . . A fuel supplier’s customer’s willingness to pay its debts ran dry. Despite the supplier’s many calls and letters, the debtor just stayed silent. The supplier decided that enough was enough and contacted us in late August 2018.

In early September we were in court and sought and obtained an ex parte attachment on trustee process and on real estate. The credit application and personal guaranty had a provision obligating the debtor to pay attorneys fees, so we sought and obtained a bank attachment and real estate attachment in the amount of $24,400.00 which we caught in the corporate debtor’s account.  $20,000.00in the bank.

By early October we had settled the case with opposing counsel in an amount which paid the full amount of the principal, interest and part of the attorney fees. Imagine that, less than two months and we had obtained payment in full for our client.   

Although this does not always happen, armed with good paperwork and with the experienced effective collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC good things can happen!

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