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A Lumber Supplier’s Customer Splinters Away From The Paying Flock

ESSEX SUPERIOR COURT . . . . A lumber supplier’s customer splinters away from the paying flock. After others tried to collect the account for a year, the supplier contacts us.

After reviewing the credit application and personal guaranty, we prepare the complaint and file suit. We seek and obtain an ex parte attachment on trustee process and on the defendant’s real estate. Based on our persuasive pleadings the court allowed both. The bank account caught around 3K and the real estate attachment stopped the defendant’s project. The defendant was teetering on bankruptcy or just walking away from the project.

After brief telephone negotiations, we suggested a four-way meeting—attorneys and clients. Although the parties heatedly argued, nothing was resolved then. Subsequently, as a result of our aggressive negotiations and our client’s strong paperwork, we persuaded the defendants through their counsel to increase their offer from chump change to 75K.

From zero to 75K in less than one month. Not too shabby.

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