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Ever Have A Customer Who Accepts Your Merchandise And Then Doesn’t Pay?

HAVERHILL DISTRICT COURT . . . . Ever have a customer who accepts your merchandise and then doesn’t pay. A shed company had just that problem. It had delivered a shed to its customer after receiving an initial credit card deposit. Following delivery, the customer tendered a check drawn on a closed bank account and also disputed the charge. The credit card company debited the shed maker’s account.

As a result, the customer had a nice new shed for which it did not pay a penny. After months of fruitless attempts to collect the debt, the shed supplier called us. We immediately filed suit and sought and obtained an ex parte attachment on the debtor’s bank and real estate account. The bank attachment caught the full amount owed. It also woke the debtor up to the fact that the shed maker was serious about getting paid. After several conversations we negotiated a settlement agreement with the debtor. Despite having promised to sign the agreement and make payment, the debtor did nothing. Undeterred we continued with the prosecution of the case and defaulted the debtor for failing to answer the complaint. Only after we scheduled the matter for an assessment of damages hearing did the defendant sign the agreement.

In less than 90 days, we collected for the client the full principal amount that it was owed.

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