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Commercial Debt Collection With Boston Attorney Alan M. Cohen

A commercial landlord’s tenant suddenly stops paying its monthly rent. The landlord through its attorney sends threatening letters seeking payment to no avail. As a result of a referral, the commercial landlord calls me because it was told that we have a fee structure to suit smaller debts, i.e. we often work on a contingency fee basis.

Within four days of receiving the signed fee agreement, I prepared the complaint package and sent it to my client. Within five days I appeared in court and sought and obtained ex parte attachments on the tenant’s bank account and personal property.

Within three months, I settled the matter for four thousand dollars more than the base rent. The excess included costs, interests and a healthy portion of attorney fees. As a result of my actions and negotiating tactics the client, which had not been paid for four months, recovered a net in excess of 88% of the lost rental income (100% net recovery when the attorney is retained on a contingency fee is extremely unlikely because the attorney fee is based on a percentage of the gross amount collected).

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