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Debt Collection Yields Nearly 70K

A doctor hires a lawyer to help him buy a high tech company. Although promising to pay the attorney’s bill, the doctor makes only sporadic payments. Before long, the good doctor became Dr. Deadbeat to the tune of $80,000.00.

The Attorney hired Attorney Alan M.  Cohen for his bad debt collection.

Knowing that we could not sell Dr. Deadbeat’s house held as husband and wife, we filed a Complaint on the judgment in the Superior Court. Attorney Cohen sought and obtained an injunction preventing Dr. Deadbeat from receiving any money from his practice. The Court ordered him to pay all monies that he received from any source directly into escrow.

Dr. Deadbeat now worked for the sole benefit of our client. Two months went by without receiving any of the court ordered payments. Attorney Cohen scheduled the deposition of the person most knowledgeable about Dr. Deadbeat’s practice – his former secretary. She told attorney Cohen that Dr. Deadbeat had been putting monies that he received from his practice directly into his wife’s account, violating the Court’s order. The bank’s records confirmed that he had put almost $15,000.00 into his wife’s account.

Trapped, Dr. Deadbeat’s lawyer offered $10,000.00 now and another $10,000.00 paid over five years. Attorney Cohen rejected the offer. Because of attorney Cohen’s aggressive negotiations, Dr. Deadbeat finally agreed to cough up almost $70,000.00 within 60 days, proving the old adage one can run but one can’t hide!