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A general contractor signing a written contract necessary for enforcing a Massachusetts mechanic’s lien.

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Mechanic’s Lien Attorney Alan M. Cohen Fights for Construction Suppliers and Contractors to Obtain Their Money by Promptly and Properly Preparing and Enforcing  Mechanic’s Lien Throughout Massachusetts As Well as Engaging in Construction Litigation. Our Aggressive Collections Attorneys Also  Provide Collection Services Such As Business Debt Collection, Prejudgment Attachments, Foreign Judgment Collection, And Post-Judgment Collections.

The construction industry has a vital debt collection tool that is not available in any other industry: The Mechanic’s lien. The Mechanic’s lien allows you to place a lien against the property that you have helped to improve through materials or services. You don’t even have to have had a contract with the owner of the property to record a Mechanic’s lien against the property.

However, what you do need is a written contract.

It does not have to be a single piece of paper. It can consist of written and/or electronic writings, as long as taken together they would be an enforceable contract under Massachusetts law.  The mechanic’s lien written contract is not just any contract, but a contract that relates to the actual property which you will be directly or indirectly improving. A credit application is not good enough. That is why Alan M. Cohen can prepare a Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien  “notice of contract” contract,” which he will customize for your business, so you have the lynchpin necessary to prepare a Mechanic’s lien. Don’t take a chance that your paperwork won’t be enough to create a lien. Call our Massachusetts collections law firm at 508 620- 6900 or email us at to learn about our collection services.

Even if you have not yet had us prepare a Notice of Contract, you may still be able to satisfy the written contract requirement if you have multiple documents, whether written or electronic, which would satisfy the statutory requirements of a Massachusetts enforceable contract.

Be wary of online companies that charge little for preparing a Mechanic’s lien. 

Massachusetts General Law c. 254, the Mechanic’s lien statute, is a very complex and unforgiving statute. Do you want to trust getting paid for your labor and/or materials   to an internet company that is not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, or that may not know all of the statutory law and court decisions concerning Mechanic’s liens? Our clients don’t. Contact our experienced  Massachusetts mechanic’s lien law firm online or call today 508 620- 6900 to prepare and enforce a Mechanic’s lien using the Notice of Contract and Statement of Account pursuant to c. 254 to protect your money.

When property owners, general contractors, or subcontractors cannot or will not pay for the work you have completed, it is critical to act quickly and decisively. The Mechanic’s lien process is detailed and time sensitive. If you miss any step in the process, you lose.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we understand the Mechanic’s lien process in Massachusetts. Attorney Alan M. Cohen has more than three decades  of commercial debt collection experience preparing and enforcing Mechanic’s lien for suppliers, general contractors, subcontractors, and sub-subcontractors.  We know how to get it done and how to get you paid for your materials and services.

The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC  can help you take advantage of the Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Statute. It is a hyper technical statute which has rigid timelines. We  frequently prepare and enforce mechanic’s lien. We fight for construction suppliers, general contractors, and contractors to get you paid. Using mechanic’s liens! The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC  have successfully litigated mechanic’s liens which has allowed our clients to get paid when others have not. In short, mechanic’s liens can get you paid. To learn more and/or to collect your construction debt using a Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien contact the mechanic’s lien attorney Alan M. Cohen who has been helping  businesses collect on mechanic’s liens for over three decades. Call 508 620- 6900 or email us at today to learn how we can help turn your mechanic’s lien into money.

Accurately and Promptly Securing Your Accounts Receivable  Through c. 254 Mechanic’s Lien

The most important thing to remember about Mechanic’s lien is this: Time is of the essence. Massachusetts has strict rules for filing liens. It is important to follow the proper procedure. There is no forgiveness built into the system for mistakes on your part. A mechanic’s lien requires an experienced legal professional to ensure timely compliance with all of its rigid requirements. Don’t waste your time with jack of all trade attorneys whose practice does not focus on collections law and mechanic’s lien disputes.

For over three decades, Attorney Alan M. Cohen has  protected suppliers’, contractors’ and subcontractors’ financial interests using Massachusetts Mechanic’s liens. No matter your location, you can count on us to timely and properly prepare your c.254 Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien  and use our collection services to help you recover your money by:

  • Promptly preparing and recording the notice of contract
  • Drafting and recording the statement of account with the appropriate registry of deeds
  • Filing the collections lawsuit against the property owner’s interest in the property
  • Perfecting your lien rights
  • Putting you in the best position possible to get paid

All of these steps must be completed properly and in a timely fashion for your Mechanic’s lien to be approved. We get it done right to help you get paid.

Call for Our Collection Services Today!

We have an extensive background in helping clients recover payment using mechanic’s liens for construction-related debts, including construction litigation. Our collections attorneys have the skills and experience level to prepare and enforce your c. 254 Mechanic’s lien to put you in the best position to get paid.

To learn more and/or to collect your construction debt using a Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien contact the mechanic’s lien attorney Alan M. Cohen who has been helping  businesses collect on mechanic’s liens for over three decades. Call 508 620- 6900 or email us at today to learn how we can help turn your mechanic’s lien into money.


Yes, a mechanic’s lien gives suppliers, general contractors, subcontractors as well as businesses in the design professionals in the construction industry the right to have a security interest in the property that they have helped to improve. As long as you have a written document or documents constituting an enforceable written contract and act in a timely fashion and have all the right paperwork in order, you can perfect a lien on property owned by a person or entity with which you have no contractual relationship. Attorney Alan M. Cohen has decades of experience working with mechanic’s liens, so the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC can handle all aspects of Massachusetts mechanic’s liens.

As of January 1, 2020, the recording cost for a mechanic’s lien in Massachusetts has increased from $75.00 per recording to $105.00 per recording. The process of recording a mechanic’s lien involves recording the notice of contract and the statement of account, filing the complaint, and recording an attested-to copy of the complaint with the appropriate registry of deeds. In some cases, the property may be both recorded and registered land. In such a case, each aspect of the lien would have to be recorded in both places. In the rare event of the property being liened straddling two counties, the lien has to be recorded in each county to be effective. Don’t rely on online forms and companies to know how to perfect and enforce mechanic’s liens. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC has over 45 years of collective mechanic’s lien experience and will get yours done right.

Massachusetts is a record notice state, meaning the order each lien was recorded determines the priority. One mechanic’s lien will not have priority over another, except in instances where there is an intervening attachment or mortgage. Assuming there are no intervening liens, such as mortgages or attachments, all of the mechanic’s liens share pro-rata with the other mechanic’s liens in the event of foreclosure. However, the first mechanic’s lien arguably must be satisfied in full before the remaining proceeds are split among later recorded mechanic’s liens, if an intervening mortgage or attachment is recorded before your mechanic’s lien. This means you must act in a timely fashion when recording your mechanic’s lien to increase the likelihood of receiving payment. The Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC aggressively prepares, records, and pursues mechanic's liens to give you the best chance of getting paid.

If your suit is not brought within 90 days of recording the statement of account, then yes, your mechanic’s lien will be legally dissolved. Even if a suit is brought in a timely fashion, your mechanic’s lien will still be dissolved if an attested copy of the complaint filed to enforce the lien is not recorded in the appropriate registry of deeds within thirty days of the court filing. At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we know how to properly prepare, perfect, and enforce mechanic’s liens in a timely fashion so that procedural missteps do not block your chances of collection.

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