Mechanics Liens

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Alan M. Cohen Fights For Construction Suppliers, General Contractors and Contractors To Obtain Their Money By Timely and Properly Preparing and Enforcing  Mechanics Liens Throughout Massachusetts

The construction industry has an important debt collection tool that is not available in any other industry — the mechanics lien. What the mechanics lien does is allow you to place a lien against the property which you have helped to improve by materials and/or services. You don’t even have to have had a contract with the owner of the property to lien the property.

What you do need is a written contract. Not just any contract, but a contract which relates to the actual property which you will be directly or indirectly improving. A credit application is not good enough. That is why Alan M. Cohen has prepared a “notice of contract form” which he can customize for your business, so you have the lynch pin necessary to prepare a mechanics lien. Don’t chance that your paperwork won’t be enough to create a lien–Contact our law firm online or call (508) 620-6900.

Be wary of those on-line companies that charge you little for preparing a mechanics lien.  M.G.L.c 254, the mechanics lien statute is a very complicated and unforgiving statute. Do you want to trust your receivables to a company which is not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts or which may not know all of the statutory law and court decisions  concerning mechanics liens?  Our clients don’t.   Contact our law firm online or call (508) 620-6900 to prepare and enforce a mechanics lien to protect your money.

When property owners, general contractors or subcontractors cannot or will not pay for the work you completed, it is important to act quickly and decisively. The mechanics lien process is detailed and time-sensitive. If you miss any step in the process, you lose.

At the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen LLC, we fully understand the mechanics lien process in Massachusetts. We have over 30 years of commercial debt collection experience including preparing and enforcing mechanics liens for suppliers, general contractors, subcontractors and sub-subcontractors.  We know how to get it done and get you paid for your materials and services.

Contact our law firm today to talk with a highly skilled mechanics lien attorney covering Boston and the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Accurately and Timely Securing Your Accounts Receivable  in Massachusetts Using Mechanics Liens

The most important thing to remember about mechanics liens is: Time is of the essence. Massachusetts has strict rules for filing liens. It is important to follow the proper procedure. There is no forgiveness built into the system for mistakes on your part.

Do not risk losing the payment you are owed by trying to file a mechanics lien without us. Attorney Alan M. Cohen,  protects suppliers’, contractors’ and subcontractors’ financial interests and  has for over three decades. Whether you are located in Boston, Cambridge, Plymouth, Salem, Springfield, Worcester or elsewhere in Massachusetts or the United States, you can count on us to help you recover your money through:

  • Timely Preparing and recording the notice of contract
  • Drafting and recording the statement of account with the appropriate registry of deeds
  • Filing the collections lawsuit against the property owner’s interest in the property
  • Perfecting your lien rights

All of these steps must be completed properly and in a timely fashion for your mechanics lien to be approved. We get it done right to help you get paid.

Contact an Experienced Mechanics Lien Attorney Covering All of Massachusetts

We have an extensive background helping clients recover payment for construction-related debts. Our law firm has the skills and experience level to prepare and enforce your mechanics lien. Contact our law firm online or call (508) 620-6900 to speak  with a highly skilled Boston trained mechanics lien attorney. For more background information, reference our resource guide on mechanics liens.

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