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When a judgment is made against a debtor, this is not the end of the story. Many people are eager to enjoy high-fives at this point, but the question of how to enforce a judgment soon arises.

Many debtors who have been refusing to pay what they owe, are not motivated by a judgment alone. It’s necessary to keep up the pressure. You want an attorney on your side to use all the power of the law to effectively and efficiently turn judgment into cash for you.

Post judgment discovery is the process in which an attorney or law firm inquires about debtor’s assets after a judgment. We use legal but aggressive tactics that alone can be enough to convince your debtor that it is finally time to pay up.

There are various ways to perform post judgment discovery, including demanding the testimony of the debtor him or herself. This information, as you can imagine, is often unhelpful and incomplete.

Fortunately, we can also demand the testimony of any person connected to the debtor and demand information about his or her assets. This means that we can contact the debtor’s neighbors, business partner, spouse, and other family members, bank manager, and others. Through your debtors’ contacts, we can build up a picture of the debtor’s current assets and go after them.

Getting in touch with people connected to the debtor can yield useful information. We can serve these individuals so that they have to provide us with the relevant information under oath. We can and will require that they bring relevant records with them so that we can look at the debtor’s assets.

Sometimes, as an incidental benefit,  doing this shakes up a debtor and can motivate him or her to pay or make a deal that is satisfactory to you. We don’t waste time with letters that go unanswered. We move ahead relentlessly with legal action, targeting the methods that give us the best chance to collect commercial debt..

If the debtor does not pay during our asset-seeking activities, we don’t wait around to see what happens next. We move on with the next strategy, which may include deposing witnesses and leveraging those assets that we discover, such as vehicles, tools and hidden funds.

If you have been trying to get what you are owed, don’t waste time with strategies that don’t work. Get in touch with us. Our team will use our aggressive debt collection techniques to attempt to recover your unpaid commercial debt.

With effective post judgment discovery, we seek to turn your judgment into something that you can really celebrate—money!!