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Unleash the power of Rule 69 to help you collect on your judgment

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Aggressive Collections, Experienced Debt Collectors, Judgment Collection, Post-Judgment Collections

Winning a judgment from the court might feel like a victory, but getting paid might be a whole new battle that you and your company were not expecting. At Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, our Massachusetts commercial collections attorneys have over 50 years of experience in aggressive, relentless, effective and commercial debt collection including but not limited to judgment enforcement and domestication.

Our tenacious commercial collections attorneys are relentless and aggressive when it comes to collecting money and enforcing judgments t to get our clients get paid. We employ every possible ethical avenue available under state and federal rules and statutes. If you or your business need help finding and collecting money on a judgment you have obtained, we can assist and lead the fight to turn that paper judgment into legal tender. One tool we utilize are the powers set forth in Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 69.

What is a Rule 69 deposition?

After you secure a judgment, Rule 69 of the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure provides a creditor the opportunity to find a debtor’s money. Under Rule 69, a creditor has the right to conduct discovery into a debtor’s financials. Under this rule, a creditor has the right to ask the debtor to provide all sorts of non-privileged financial statements.

Our innovative and relentless commercial judgment enforcement attorneys at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC also use the power of Rule 69 to conduct post judgment depositions. We also send out post judgment document requests and interrogatories in our no stone not turned over relentless effort to get you paid policy.

The best part about Rule 69 discovery

The purpose of Rule 69 discovery is that it allows a creditor to follow the money. There are few limits to the financial information we can seek. We use Rule 69 to try to peel back the layers of the onion, as it were, to search for all assets of the debtor, both apparent and secreted. We get into the weeds like few other attorneys know how to do.

Once we know where the assets are, we develop strategies to get you paid based on our collective experience exceeding 50 years. We have an arsenal of post-judgment attachments that, depending on your debtor’s assets, we can use to go after and secure your payment.

Start collecting your money today

Our relentless and aggressive commercial collections attorneys are ready to help convert your paper judgment and turn it into Ka-Ching!!! To learn more about how we work and what our current and former clients think, take a look at a reviews and website.  Schedule an initial consultation by contacting our office at 508-763-6604 or send us an email through our website.