Spend Your Time Making Money

Leave The Debt Collection To Us

Sometimes a debtor makes sporadic payments just to keep you from calling the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC. We call this the deadbeat shuffle.

Sometimes the sporadic payments are because of your debtor’s cash flow. Other times, it is just a game to cause you to delay so that they may try to put assets out of your reach.

In either circumstance, one thing is clear:   Your debtor is now your deadbeat and they are no longer paying on your terms, but rather their terms to your detriment.

This puts you in a difficult position. You want to hold on to the customer, if only in the hope of getting more of your money. But you know you can’t rely on them to follow through. In short your debtor and not you are calling the tune and playing with your monies.

When Your Done Letting the Debtor Control Your Cash Flow,  Hire the Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC to Collect Your Bad Debts.

Some debt collection law firms and all collections agencies will waste your time on phone calls and letters when you’ve already tried communicating with the debtor.

We do not. We immediately evaluate your case and prepare the suit to file against the debtor. When filing, we usually seek to obtain ex parte prejudgment security so that when you win your case, there is an increased chance of getting you paid. When all goes our way, the first time the debtor will know our name is when they receive something from your friendly neighborhood sheriff. We don’t stop after seeking prejudgment security. We then tale all necessary actions to attempt to obtain a judgment in your favor.

Whether it takes a week or 18 years, WE DON’T GIVE UP. WE DON’T STOP UNTIL EITHER YOU GET PAID OR NOONE CAN GET YOU PAID. If your done dancing the deadbeat shuffle and want to call the the tune, call us immediately at 508-763-6604 or reach out using our online form to schedule an appointment.