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Leave The Debt Collection To Us

The judge declared that the debt owed to you is legitimate and you have a judgment against your debtor. But now what? How do you actually get paid?

Anyone who has any experience with debt collection will tell you that getting a court judgment is only the first step. If you have a judgment in Massachusetts and don’t know what to do next, our collections attorneys at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, are relentless on behalf of our clients when it comes to helping them collect debts after a judgment. We practice ethical debt collection to the fullest extent allowed to us by state and local laws.

We have the right to seize and sell.

Once you win a judgment from the court, the next step is to get a writ of execution. With a writ of execution, we can enlist the deputy sheriff to assist with the seizure and sale of your debtor’s nonexempt assets. The judgment and writ of execution directs that the eligible proceeds from the sale of those assets will be paid to you.

We have the right to bring post-judgment litigation.

While it probably sounds overwhelming to have to go back to court again after you’ve already got a judgment against your debtor, post-judgment litigation allows us to focus on getting you paid. For example, post-judgment litigation will allow us to pursue a reach and apply injunction. A reach and apply injunction allows us to reach around your debtor and direct any money that is owed to them, directly to your pocket instead.

We have the right to pursue supplementary process.

In a debt collection tactic called supplementary process, we force your debtor back into court where we can pursue an asset examination and an order to pay. If they fail to appear, a warrant can be issued for their arrest.

Our aggressive debt-collection attorneys can provide legal guidance and support if you’ve obtained a judgment against your debtor and aren’t sure what steps to take next.

We can help make sure that your judgment leads to payment.

Our experienced debt-collection lawyers at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC will help make sure that your judgment means something. We can take your judgment and help you turn it into the payment that you deserve. To schedule a consultation, call our office at 508-763-6604, or send us an email inquiry. We look forward to telling you more about how we can help make sure that your judgment will result in a payment of the debt owed to you.