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Unfortunately, when a company has experience as a debtor, sometimes, this has given them an opportunity to learn a few tricks to try and avoid collection efforts. Our collections attorneys at Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC know that debtors will sometimes go to great lengths to avoid paying their debts. .

When debtors are using you for creditor financing

When a debtor tells you that they cannot pay the debt they owe to you, but the company is still in business, this is a telltale sign that they are using the money they owe to you elsewhere. It is also may indicate that they know exactly what they are doing and you might need to go legal to help you collect on this debt.

Smoke and mirrors to distract from the debt they owe

Other times, a debtor will try to distract you with other issues. For example, they will complain about your products or services as a way to deflect your collection efforts. By turning everything back onto you, you can suddenly find yourself playing defense against a debtor’s accusations. This, too, may be a sign that your debtor is trying to deflect as a tactic to avoid your collection efforts. At Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, we have seen this before and we know how to handle debtors like this.

We work to attempt to shut down games and trickery

At our firm, our collections lawyers do not tolerate delays or excuses. When we get involved in a debt collection matter, we do not waste your time or ours on efforts we don’t believe will work. Instead, we take control of your collection matter and we go to work to get you your money.

We will immediately go to work to collect your debt by:

  • Filing a lawsuit: This allows us to file prejudgment attachments and injunctions to attempt to secure your debt.
  • Obtaining  a judgment whether procedurally or at trial.
  • Commencing post-judgment collection efforts: Getting a judgment is the first step. Having a judgment in your debt collection case allows us to employ post-judgment collection efforts and move on to try to get you paid.

At Law Offices of Alan M. Cohen & Associates LLC, we are unrelenting in our ethical debt collection efforts. If you have been dealing with a company or individual who has gone to great lengths to avoid paying their debt to your business, and you have exhausted all efforts known to you, we will be happy to step in and take over. Our attorneys are persistent and methodical. We use all appropriate remedies to us under state and federal laws to collect your debt and judgment.

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